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  Apr 2009
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Cervid: deer
Last night while working I was thinking about the deer industry. Somewhere around Pakistan I started thinking how there are so many extra does on the market now. And what this really means to buyers.

I would like to caution people who are thinking about buying does. Because they are so cheap now most if not all are being sold without the benefit of DNA as in years past. This creates a system in which someone can sell large quantities of females bred for extremely low prices. They make their money on the volume and by the fact the genetics are not always what they may claim them to be. When this happens "brown" deer then have a value worth dealing in. I am reminded of many years ago when a guy had what was a pretty big buck for back then. He sold DOZENS AND DOZENS if not hundreds of fawns and bred does from this buck. Later on people caught on to the fact that this buck could not have bred all those does, nor fathered all those fawns. And in fact many of the does he did breed were just plain old brown does with no real history to them. He deer jockied around so much that he would buy and resell does within days. Often passing off deer as stock he produced when it was stuff he bought cheap and then resold.

All I am saying is beware what kind of place your dealing with. One way to be cautious is to deal with farms who don't deal in large quantities. It is easier to verify your getting what you have been told if they have limited numbers of deer on the farm, and for sale at any given time. Do your homework and don't be fooled by cheap prices.
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  Oct 2009
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Cervid: Whitetail Deer

So True. Although i dont believe the dna part to be a big deal in a animal, it is huge who you deal with and what you see. When you see someone put up ad after ad on different sites trying to move their product at about any cost, offering prizes to buy from them and trying to move does bred to something for $300 it should throw up a red flag. It does to me anyways. In todays market you pretty much need does that will give you 180-200in 2 year olds to do more than break even. *If a guy has a doe that can do that its not going to be for sale for 300-350 dollars regardless of how many deer they have on the farm. These kind of deer need to be taken of the breeding line and either sold for meat or the urine market( You will get about the same money)! *By selling a doe like that to a new farmer is just hurting the industry as a whole and sure not doing that new farmer any favors.*

Myself, I always buy from. 1 Someone that does not have to push their product( I can see if they are a producing farm). 2 Someone that has to buy bucks and does over and over from other farms to try and have deer that are marketable( I like the ones that do the thinking and learning and then make those kind of deer from Ai and such)

I am sure there are exceptions to the rule but in the long run its a safe bet to deal with who you know, long time farmers in preferably in your state and run from the product pusher you will be safe with the paperwork. IMO.
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buyers, caution

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