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Hotrod Mar 30th 2015 01:51 PM

After 10 years of riding this roller coaster we are getting closer to a positive outcome.* We have finally got a good bill moving forward as it passed out of Senate Natural Resouerce committee today on a 6 to 3 vote.* Not only does it protect the current preserves it allows anyone who wants to start one up to do so.* We will see what happens on the Senate Floor in next week or so but we have high hopes.* Thanks to Shawn Shaffer again for coming and testifying today.* I would also like to thank Farm Bureau, NADEFA, IDEFA and Alabama Deer Farmers Association for helping with Attorney Bills to keep us in a bargaining position.* Without organizations like these that actually get involved to protect and promote the industry we would not be able to keep moving forward.*

Clearview Whitetails Mar 30th 2015 02:24 PM

There also needs to be a big special thanks to Jerry Bell with all his work behind the scenes.

jerrilee cave Mar 30th 2015 02:27 PM

Jerry was instrumental in getting Senator Long to change the bill and open it up from 4 preserves to anyone can open up a preserve.*

Bell Mar 30th 2015 06:32 PM

There are many individual's who have toiled to get this done. We would not have the leverage to get this bill through if it were not for Rodney Bruce winning his lawsuit against the state. Gary Jacobson has done more than anyone else behind the scene to facilitate this legislation's path to passage.

Hotrod Mar 30th 2015 08:06 PM

Our opposition was as ludicrus as I have ever seen today.* One guy was worried we were going to use drones. ANother Ex DNR guy lied over and over and the Senators were looking at each other like what is this moron doing.* There are 50 Senators, 40 Repub and 10 Dem.* We gotta get to the number 26 and this fight is over. We are going to have 8 or 9 Sponsors and co-sponsors as a show of support.* Now is the time.

ToddM Mar 31st 2015 06:43 AM

I liked the guy that said we do our own CWD testing.* He told everyone it was a self test that we did ourselves.* He made it sound like we called the state up and said " Hey blue 12 died,* I tested her for CWD and she was negative, just thought I would let you know"



My other favorite was when HSUS testified.* She rambled on and on about how HSUS was against high fence hunting for about two minutes.* When she got done the senator in charge (can't remember her name) asked her if HSUS was against all hunting.* The lady dug out some papers and started rambling again.* The senator stopped her and said "It is a yes or no question".* HSUS went to rambling again.* Again she stopped her and said it is a yes or no question.* She started to ramble a third time and they stopped her and excused her!* Classic


I watched it on the internet, it was pretty cool to see the process

jerrilee cave Mar 31st 2015 06:53 AM

Couple of things I don't like in the bill are

1. The limit of preserves to only buying from Indiana.

How will other farmers, states and preserve owners look at us and react to buying animals from Indiana

2. Clause saying no indemnification from the state.

Is this going against the constitution???

Like to hear others thoughts on these 2 things.

ToddM Mar 31st 2015 07:57 AM

Where would Indiana buy shooter bucks from?

jerrilee cave Mar 31st 2015 08:13 AM


IF things ever change with cwd and borders it could become restrictive. Just thinking ahead and how others minds work. Lol

Bell Mar 31st 2015 08:19 AM

If preserves hunt bucks are limited to those born in Indiana then deductive reasoning would lead to the conclusion that the source of infection must have come from the uncontrolled wild herd if a preserve has a CWD positive. If the publics deer caused the private property of an individual to be destroyed then the ranch should be entitled to indemnity. If this amendments helps appease the opposition I can live with it. The opposition reads everything on this forum. I am biting my tongue on this. They are coming off the rails on hoosier The ignorance is laughable.

jerrilee cave Mar 31st 2015 08:23 AM

Preserves in Indiana have to test 100% for cwd unlike other states. We know that it will almost 100% likely be introduced by the wild herd when it hits farmed deer in Indiana or be spontaneous.

Wild Rivers Whitetails Mar 31st 2015 11:21 AM

Up until a year ago we tested 100% of deer taken on hunting preserves. It recently changed to 50%.

Seems like if deer are on a property until they die and never leave that property it shouldn't matter where they came from.

ToddM Apr 1st 2015 08:12 AM

Can anyone explain this?* Does a hunter have to buy a special preserve license just to hunt on the preserve then the preserve has to pay either $75 or $25 after they kill it.* That is the way this reads to me. Unless this special hunting license is free.


timesnewromanpsmt, serif 3 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifSec. 9. (a) A person who takes or hunts a permitted animal on

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 4 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifa hunting preserve is required to have a special hunting license

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 5 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifissued by the department.

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 6 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serif(b) The department:

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 7 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serif(1) shall issue a special hunting license that is required under

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 8 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifsubsection (a); and

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 9 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serif(2) may appoint owners or managers of a hunting preserve as

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 10 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifagents 18pxto sell the special hunting license.

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 11 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serif(c) A special hunting license expires on April 30 immediately

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 12 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, seriffollowing the date the license is effective.

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 13 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serif(d) All fees collected under this section shall be deposited in the

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 14 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, seriffish and wildlife fund established by IC 14-22-3-2.

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 15 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifSec. 10. (a) The department shall provide the licensed owner of

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 16 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifa hunting preserve either a transportation tag or a cull tag for

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 17 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifevery cervidae taken on the hunting preserve. The licensed owner

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 18 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifshall pay the department a fee of seventy-five ($75) per buck and

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 19 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, seriftwenty- five dollars ($25) per doe for each transportation tag. The

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 20 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifdepartment shall provide cull tags to the licensed owner of a

timesnewromanpsmt, serif 21 timesnewromanpsmt, bold, serifhunting preserve without charge.

jerrilee cave Apr 1st 2015 08:16 AM

Clear as mud.... Right?

Clearview Whitetails Apr 1st 2015 08:45 AM

So you hunt the same seasons as the state, you pay for tags thru the state for each animal killed and use the same weapons as the state can use during there seasons?? Who would invest in money for a preserve in this state?? I guess we will see, but looks to me like the dnr is winning this fight to fill there pockets again.

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