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Travis Jun 3rd 2015 01:35 PM

From the American Cervid Alliance Newsroom


18pxAmerican Cervid Alliance Votes to Continue PR Campaign

The American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council recently convened to determine whether to continue its public relations campaign for another year. The ACA is in the final days of the one year contract with a Washington DC based public relations firm, which has helped defend and promote the industry.* Citing the success of the first year experience, the council voted to move forward with another year commitment.

The American Cervid Alliance’s PR Campaign started in June 2014 in response to a growing number of negative articles seen in news stories and editorials across the United States. Indianapolis Star freelance writer Ryan Sabalow wrote a series of articles that citied inaccurate and out of context scenarios in an effort to turn the public against cervid farming and preserve hunting.* The ACA Council decided it was time to respond and accepted several bids from public relations firms and voted to approve a firm with a proven track record.* A committee was formed within the ACA to assist the firm with responses to negative editorials.* The results were beyond expectations and over eighty editorials were written by industry leaders and published in major media outlets across the United States and Canada. *

During the June 2nd ACA meeting, council members decided the campaign must continue.* Dr. Scott Bugai, representing for the Texas Deer Association, told the council that this campaign is now part of the standard operating procedure for the industry. “We have been successful responding to negative articles and we have seen less of them now than a year ago. We need to renew this contract to keep holding them accountable and even move on the offensive with positive messaging.” Donald Hill, councilman of the Missouri Deer Association, agreed with Bugai and said the campaign help dispel inaccurate claims in Missouri over the past year. “We need this,” Hill said.

A motion was made by Dr. Bugai to allow ACA Media Chairman Charly Seale to proceed with extending the contract for an additional year. The motion was adopted unanimously.

The money for the contract is being raised with donations from member associations.* An ACA benefit auction, hosted by Jerry Campbell, is also being planned later this year. We sincerely hope that the industry will support this fall auction with donated items.

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