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I'm working on writing an article and looking for actual facts on these two subjects. The article isn't just on these two subjects, its about hunting in general. With all the data on the web its hard to decipher truth from fiction. What do we know about CWD now? Do we know how its transmitted or how to eradicate it from infected land? EHD, its true that cattle can be a carrier?*
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Cattle are a reservoir host for the EHD virus and a slow moving target on which the female midge(vector) for the virus feeds and then spreads the virus by next biting our deer. Research the unrestricted seasonal movement of cattle and other reservoir host. Are there any requirements of EHD testing before interstate movement is allowed. The huge jumps in distance between outbreaks over hundreds of miles northward have been quietly squelched by (bigger money's lips) with the story of the infected midge riding wind currents north and skipping over hundreds of miles. In my opinion the midge is too delicate to survive and travel long distance this way. I believe it is far more likely spread by the seasonal movement of infected cattle and other livestock that are reservoirs for the virus. There are no restrictions enforced that say someone cannot go to the Deep South and return north with a truck and trailer full of cattle from an area where EHD is an ongoing pandemic. Livestock infected with EHD can be transported north to any state where the midge(vector) is waiting to feed on their infected blood and spread the virus. The midges are in the north every year but the virus is not. I was told by one of the foremost researchers of the midge that there was very little chance that a midge carrying the virus could survive riding in a car or other vehicle northward from a pandemic area and spreading the virus. He explained to me how they are very delicate. Research the outbreaks from Texas northward to the summer grazing areas of the northern plains where cattle are moved in the summer. Take a look at the instances of EHD on deer farms that are near dairy or near farms that are holding or staging a large volume of cattle prior to their movement stockyards or slaughter facilities. Deer farms situated high on hills in heavily wooded areas often avoid EHD if seasonal movement of livestock is avoided and a large buffering amount of heavy forest is between the farm and other livestock. Something to do with very hilly forested terrain disrupts the midges flight and the virus progress. I am not an expert. These are my opinions based on some of my own observations, battles with the virus, and reading the research of others.

I recommend you start by reading Dr Lee Consteadt writings on this subject. I look forward to reading your article.

Good luck
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cwd or ehd

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