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Old Jun 18th 2013, 08:58 PM   #1
  Apr 2009

This industry has seen ups and downs, the good times and the bad times and has over the years overcome many problems but it seems now that there are few left that are willing to continue the fight to survive. NADeFA is the exception to this statement and has just released a statement regarding its latest accomplishment.

Several years ago, when the coalition was formed to deal with industry problems, many made their self available to serve in the coalition. As the years past on, some of those that were once eager to serve this industry, lost interest and were no longer willing to devote any time to the coalition to help protect and promote this industry.

As with many organizations, the Executive Committee was charged with running the coalition and handling the day to day business but as time passed by there were fewer members of the Executive Committee willing to serve. The Secretary no longer provided the minutes to the meetings leaving the burden to others on the Executive Committee and then the Treasurer stopped sending in the Annual Report to the state which caused the state of TN to administratively dissolve the organization and therefore the coalition was no longer recognized as a tax exempt organization. Before criticizing these individuals, please remember they were just volunteers. No one in the coalition received any compensation for their service.

Two or three, of the remaining Executive Committee Members, continued on serving the industry even though there was no interest from others to have meetings. Each request, to the coalition for help, was responded to in a timely fashion and those two or three Executive Committee Members continued to do what they could to help the industry. After several years of doing that, those that tried to keep the coalition going were criticized by those that had jump ship earlier.

I said all that to say this. Unless there are people out there that are willing to serve on the Executive Committee, the coalition will cease to be. If that happens, there will be no more request for help accepted, from industry members, and the coalition website will be shut down and all that information lost.

If you are willing to serve on the Executive Committee of the Non Traditional Farmers And Ranchers Coalition, contact the acting President, before the end of this month, and let him know as there will only be one more meeting before a decision is made. If no one steps forward to serve, the coalition will no longer be available to respond to requests, from industry members, for help.
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Old Jun 19th 2013, 07:44 PM   #2
  Aug 2009

So glad to see you are still up to the blame game. As long as we are blaming folks for the failure of the coalition, let's tell the folks how the president and vice president did not call a meeting for 6 years even though the bylaws required a yearly meeting, nor did they call for an election of officers every year as the bylaws require. If the president and vice president were so active as you claim, why did they not call a meeting to make sure the paperwork was filed? Check out the duties of the treasurer in the where does it state that the treasurer is responsible for the paperwork that was not filed....the bylaws actually state it is the responsiblity of the president to supervise the financial and other affairs of the association.

The coalition is not and has not been active for more than 6 years...end of story. We all need to take responsibilty for the coalition's falure and not just blame the secretary and treasurer.

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Old Jun 19th 2013, 08:32 PM   #3
  Apr 2009
I guess the answer to your question is that it is impossible for the President to supervise someone that's unwilling to do anything.
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Old Jun 19th 2013, 10:23 PM   #4
  Apr 2009
  Fombell PA
Sounds to's over for ntfarc........and it has been over for a while now.......
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Old Jun 21st 2013, 12:03 PM   #5
  Apr 2009
Originally Posted by ddwhitetails
Sounds to's over for ntfarc........and it has been over for a while now.......


The industry members that received help from NTFARC, over the past few years, would disagree with your statement.

There are people out there that would like for everyone to think NTFARC has been inactive but that simply is not true. You need to consider the source of the misleading information and check their motives.

NTFARC will be inactive soon unless people step forward willing to be elected to the Executive Committee. As I stated in an earlier post, my service to this industry is coming to an end and I am not looking to be reelected to the NTFARC Executive Committee unless they come up one short to keep the coalition going. My hope is that at least 4 leaders will step forward and agree to be elected and serve this industry.
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