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Old Aug 18th 2014, 12:31 PM   #1
  Jul 2009

The following are scheduled to be testifying before a summer study committee tomorrow regarding CWD.* Has anyone heard of them.* Are they paid talking heads or actual fact based speakers,



Dr. David Clausen from Wisconsin,

Bryan Richards from USGS Wildlife Disease Center*

Dr. Kelly Straka from Missouri-she’s the State Wildlife Vet
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  Apr 2014
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Clausen is nothing but a practicing DVM who worked for the DNR in WI. He likes to act like he is an expert but it's an act. Brian Richards should make the hair on your neck prickle. He has the most gravitas of any body they have slated to testify. What he says will have an effect on the outcome.

I hope someone from Mo will comment on Dr Kelly. I also worry that the QDMA,who hasn't announced who they are trotting out, will have Dr Fischer.
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Old Aug 18th 2014, 02:55 PM   #3
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  Sep 2010

Cervid: raising deer
Be real interesting to see who IDEFA has there as for professionals. If I was a betting man there will be 0. Have a feeling Indiana deer farmers are gonna look REAL BAD. But then again this is what a lot of them want. So its a win win for some. Real sad!!!!
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Old Aug 18th 2014, 03:22 PM   #4
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  Apr 2009
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Cervid: Deer Farm Manager

You really need to ask Dr. Kroll to testify. I'm sure he can't on this short notice but maybe in another meeting. He is the only one that ever backs ups his opinion and views with solid research. Call Nadefa and talk with Shawn and see if they will help you get him there. In addition to Nadefa, you should be in contact with Travis Lowe and Charley Seale of the ACA. They are great help when it comes to lining up speakers or people to testify.


Dr. Kelly Straka works for and is the only Vet ever hired by MDC. She was hired with the sole purpose so that they could say they have a vet on staff. That should tell you something...


If they ask Kelly Straka if there are any populations that have seen a decline from CWD and she starts talking about the mule deer herd in Wyoming, there is no data and no one person to back that up. We have called MDC out on that many times and they can't come up with anything to back up their claims but keep using it as an example. A couple questions you should ask her:


How many deer have been documented to have died from CWD in Missouri. Answer is 0.

How many sick deer did MDC test for CWD in 2013 and how many had CWD.

How many cases are documented in Missouri of a captive cervid passing disease (any disease) to a wild free ranging deer. If she says anything other than 0, tell her to please give any details. Answer is 0

Ask her how many free ranging deer are tested in Missouri for TB and Brucillosis? Ask her how many wild free ranging deer cross the border each year. The Answer is 0 tested..thousands cross the borders.

Ask her why is the MDC so concerned with captive deer breeders when her own department released elk in 2013 from an UN-monitored herd in Kentucky that originated from out West n CWD areas. Then ask her is the risk is higher for spreading disease for an animal placed in a pen in captivity or released into the wild. Of course the answer is a much higher risk for the animal released into the wild.


I could go on with a thousand more..... Make sure you think of good questions for the other people also...




Make sure every committee member has these questions and other questions you want them to ask before the meeting. Also make sure they have a copy of and read Dr. Krolls CWD White paper. Don't let this slanted testimony from these people be the first information that these people hear or you will be paddling up stream from the get go...
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Old Aug 18th 2014, 06:45 PM   #5
  Jul 2009

Obviously it is to late for the meeting tomorrow.** However there will be a facility tour here at my place where they can be educated and given facts to debunk the BS they will hear tomorrow.* The Indy star will undoubtedly print their ridiculous amateur agenda articles but many on the committee have been around long enough to know they are bogus. * We did file our final briefs this past week and NADEFA and IDEFA did provide Amicus Briefs along with the NFIB and Farm Bureau.***
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Old Aug 19th 2014, 01:39 AM   #6
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  Feb 2013
  Markleville IN

Sam,* God love ya you just do not understand Indiana.* And thank you sooooo much for taking the time to post what you have here on this forum.*

Charly cant be involved because IDEFA WILL NOT RECOGNIZE the ACA.* Its pretty sad actually.* Have a feeling that a knife is going to be taken to a gun fight today.* I asked Dr Shipley to come and he had prior family obligations.* IDEFA has totally alienated almost all of its English members and will not stand up and fight due to religious beliefs.* They can get on here and post pictures of their animals but will not support the 350 farmers of Indiana only themselves. This is why we are starting a new association.*
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  May 2021
When the days are cold and the cards all fold financial consultant oxnard
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