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Saline Creek Whitetails Sep 27th 2009 06:47 PM

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Here are a few pictures. This summer he had a small wound in the spot where the antler grew. Will this shed off or not? Should it just be left alone? If I cut it off will it possible break at the skull? Thanks Jeff

Reed68 Sep 28th 2009 06:21 AM

I would saw his antlers normal, then cut about half of the abnormal point just to keep it out of his ear.

Saline Creek Whitetails Sep 28th 2009 04:19 PM

Thanks Reed,

If you look close at the third picture you will see there is a smaller point that is causing the red sore spot on the ear, it hits when he flips his ear. Thanks for the reply. Jeff

Predator3 Sep 28th 2009 04:28 PM

Jeff I agree with Reed. You might wind up with an infection from the antler point keeping the wound on his ear open.

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