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pondflatwhitetails Jan 31st 2014 05:55 AM

I*had looked in older topics and didnt see anything about this so*I thought*I would ask. About how much does it cost to have semen drawn on a buck? I have one that*I thought about doing this year, but it depends if he blows up like im wanting him to and we all know how that goes haha. I also just dont like how hard he runs the does during breeding season.

Show Me Racks Jan 31st 2014 06:43 AM

I know the price varies, but Dr Bringans charges $1000 and some travel. He does quality work. If you choose to use him, I would call him early in the fall or even late summer. They can schedule you when they are in that area. Good luck. I hope he turns out to be a beast. Can you share his pedigree and pics with us? I always like to see how others are breeding and the results.

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