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Old Jan 30th 2011, 07:21 PM   #1
 Honey Creek Whitetails's Avatar
  Mar 2010
  Aplington, Iowa

Cervid: raising whitetails
I was very fortunate to win a straw of Maxbo Danger last fall and am needing input on what you think I should put it in. I'm new to the deer business but try to read a lot of threads and watch the auctions trying to learn everything I can. I have bought some pretty descent deer in the past few months on the auctions but I don't think good enough for the straw of Danger. I have been kinda looking at at the sales trying to find a doe or two that would fit him well but I would really like your opinion. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nate
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Old Jan 30th 2011, 08:10 PM   #2
 richie0033's Avatar
  May 2009
  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Cervid: Whitetail Deer
Considering what it brought at the top 30 , I would sell it and buy some great does. Hands down
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Old Jan 30th 2011, 11:52 PM   #3
  Apr 2009
I agree with Richie, if you could trade that straw for one or two quality bred does you would be off to a great start with no further investment. The straw is not a sure thing to take, plus you could have fawns on the ground in the spring giving you a one year jump.
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Old Jan 31st 2011, 03:22 AM   #4
 Rick's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  West Salem, Ohio

Cervid: Whitetails
We could put it on 2 of my does and split the fawns......
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Old Jan 31st 2011, 03:45 AM   #5
  Apr 2009
  New York
With the caliber of does that Rick has, and his conception rate, that seems like a heck of an offer.
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Old Jan 31st 2011, 08:18 AM   #6
  Jul 2009
Hey Nate:

I understand the dilemma you are in.... So, what you are facing now is trying to figure out the best line to mix the Danger with. Unfortunately since you are unable to sell, trade or barter the straw, you have to find a couple good does to use the semen with. You may already have them. David would be more than happy to go through your doe lines and tell you what he thinks it would mix the best with. If you are interested in talking to him, you can reach him at 918-638-6934. If Danger is anything like Maxbo or Ranger.... he will mix with ANYTHING!!! Take care and best of luck!
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Old Jan 31st 2011, 08:28 AM   #7
  Apr 2009
  Walnutport, PA
Not to ruin any parties, but I won a straw from Dave in that same contest and if you read the small print in the contract you're not allowed to sell, barter or trade any semen under any circumstances less face a $50,000 fine. But that's besides the point, if I were you I would hold on to that straw until you have the right does to breed him to. That's the best thing about cryogenicly frozen deer semen, you can keep it virtually forever! Look at what you actually have, Maxbo Danger is only 2 yearsold and there have been what, 30 straws sold off the farm in the last 2 years? The people not fortunate enough to get a straw for free had to pay in excess of $10,000 for the semen so lets just say if you're willing to pay that much for a breeding it's going to be used on some extremely good does! Now what happens with those good does is that they will hopefully produce big sons and very marketable considering there may only be a few dozen of them on the market. Supply and demand... if he's anything like his big brother once these monster sons start popping up his value will bump even higher. All this will take about 2+ years so that's plenty of time to find him a couple of good dancing partners. The Midwest Select sale is this week pick out one or two of those unborn fawns, because we know they're selling low and when they are mature there you go, perfect scenario for ya.

Since I know people are going to start throwing does at you to breed him to I'll atleast say check out some of the fawns we're going to have come spring as there are a few that would cross really well. I don't advertise much but there are many does in there comparable to what you'll see at the sale. Every doe that actually had a brother or son was well over 200" @ 2. I say that because I've been getting 75% females going on 5 years now, so don't blame me for trying to move some girls, lol.
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Old Jan 31st 2011, 03:15 PM   #8
 Honey Creek Whitetails's Avatar
  Mar 2010
  Aplington, Iowa

Cervid: raising whitetails
Thanks everyone for the replies. I will be calling David soon.
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Old Feb 2nd 2011, 02:09 PM   #9
 Honey Creek Whitetails's Avatar
  Mar 2010
  Aplington, Iowa

Cervid: raising whitetails
Stil intrested in more opinions if you have any. Thanks Nate
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Old Feb 2nd 2011, 03:34 PM   #10
  Apr 2009
  Polk, PA located in west central pa
If I was you I would start studying these up and coming auctions. I would get some good does that are ready to breed next fall. The sooner you use it the sooner you will have fawns on the ground and the sooner you can start a good foundation with the fawns you get. There are some really good auctions with some really good lots in them coming up.
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Old Feb 2nd 2011, 05:15 PM   #11
 AnthonyWR's Avatar
  Jun 2010
  Dubois, PA

Cervid: Whitetails
Buy a few bred does that will match up to him next year. You will have fawns this spring from a different quality breeder and use the straw of Danger next fall in the does. Midwest select Friday!
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