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Old Aug 8th 2021, 03:01 AM   #1
  Jul 2021
Mold/Mildew In Car

I've got a 1996 Mazda Miata with two gashes in the ragtop, which was covered last winter outdoors with a tarp (forgive me). The result, unsurprisingly, was an interior covered with mold and/or mildew; mostly on the carpet, with a bit on the faux leather and inside the vinyl top.

Now, it's nothing too horrific like other mold horror stories I've seen on this sub, but it's certainly not good. The insulation under the carpet is soaked, and needs to be removed. The carpet can be cleaned outside of the car, I hope, or be replaced. And the top, more on account of the holes, needs to be replaced as well.

Will this be enough to leave me mold-free? Can it be done, and is it worth doing on a $4K car? I've read that many professional detailers won't even touch mold, on account of reoccurrence via something crazy, like spores inside the A/C.

The general advice given here seems to be that the source of water needs to be located, which I've done. The surface mold can be removed. But before I embark on the wallet-emptying adventure of removing and/or replacing my interior and top, I'd like the opinions of those more experienced.

Thank you for any advice on removal, or if it's worth doing, financially-speaking.

TL;DR: Interior mold due to leakage via ripped top. Can mold be removed, how would I go about it, and is it worth doing on a $4K (much-loved) beater?
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Old Aug 13th 2021, 08:22 AM   #2
  Jul 2021
Recently I also ran into a mold problem in my car and this article on how to kill mold helped me a lot! It turns out that everything is very simple and solving this problem will not take you too much time and effort if you do everything right.
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