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Old Nov 9th 2014, 05:04 PM   #1
  Apr 2009
I know you cant move deer out of state after your tb anniversary date. My question is once you start tb testing does the whole herd need completed before any deer can be sold. And if so do you need to wait for the results back on that deer or the whole herd.
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Old Nov 10th 2014, 04:51 AM   #2
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  Feb 2011
  Blair County, PA

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Greg if I recall when I talked to ag about this. After your anniversary your herd will not be "certified" untill all are done. And depending on how long after your date I dont know how long of a grace period you have before you start over
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Old Nov 10th 2014, 05:20 AM   #3
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  May 2010
  Stevens Point/Gillett, WI

From what I recall, after your tb date has passed you can not move deer to other certified herds. When I did testing in march we had a 6month window, my date was in February and I could start 3 months prior and up to 3 months after. To move deer you must get results back on your animals here in WI. Can be a real*catch if you have to retest any. Hope that helps a little, Ryan*
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Old Nov 10th 2014, 03:57 PM   #4
  Oct 2012

they give you a 3 month window either way + or - the date. Same with inventory. what they neglect to tell you is you ARE suspended from moving deer after your date* you are supposed to have inventory in AND then again after your date you are supposed to test. We found out te hard way. we were gonna wait and turn in inventory with testing...found out we were suspended til inventory got done when we were trying to sell to KY and IL
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Old Nov 10th 2014, 03:59 PM   #5
  Apr 2014
  Clearville PA

Travis is correct we just went through the same thing this September/October, we did not get deer moved to another state prior to our test date, we had to wait for the results on the entire herd and resend verification to that state. Our CVI permits had also expired and we had to reapply for those permits as well. Good news is we had the results from our blood test rather quickly, if not mistaken we had results in around 7 days.
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Old Nov 11th 2014, 06:56 PM   #6
  Apr 2012
  Le Center MN
Yep move what deer you need to move before your test date or you have to wait to get the results back before your vet will sign the movement forms. Charlie.
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