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RickyG Feb 14th 2018 08:49 AM

Fencing cost
How much did you pay to have fencing put up? And how many acres was it? What type of posts and fencing did you use?
I'm just starting out and trying to plan out the money part of it all.

PlatinumWTkk Feb 14th 2018 11:23 AM

I built a fence unroller/stretching attachment to go on my skidsteer/mini ex and that was a life saver for sure. Fence was roughly $4xx a roll after shipping. Do not go less than 20 96 6 by 8ft tall. So I put all my fence up, makes it hard to give a price on what to expect to pay someone to do it.

Hershey's Huntin Haven Feb 14th 2018 04:09 PM

Check with Stevens Pipe and Steel in Kentucky on fence. I cut my own cedar post and used T post. I would try and locate old oil well pipe.

R&J Whitetails Feb 14th 2018 05:27 PM

Old well pipe is what I used. Last forever. I’d go 10’ around your perimeter if you get lost of snow

Farm Fence Solutions Feb 16th 2018 04:06 AM

We have the best quality, and best price on fixed knot deer fencing. We also stock, and can deliver galvanized pipe posts. Drill stem works fine, but will prematurely rot/rust the wire in high moisture areas, especially if it's dirty pipe. We also install, but would need to see the site to provide a price. Please feel free to call anytime, or visit us at the NADeFA show next month in French Lick, IN. 844-48-FENCE

812-798-4604 Cell

Jamthund Dec 28th 2018 01:08 PM

Good point, snow....I have known people who had fences they though would keep coyotes out, and they did....until it snowed. Very good point R&J!

Learjetcowboy Jan 3rd 2019 12:39 PM

I am building my first 2 pens 250x250 split from top left corner to bottom right corner.
It will be double fenced Stay tuff 2096 wire.
I will be using 3.5" galvanized corner posts with a kicker on all corners.
Galvanized T posts spaced every 17' and a galvanized 2&3/8" line post every 4th t post.
3 ea. 12 foot gates and 2 5' man gates.
Total cost for material $12,500. my labor is free....
Next year I will do it all over again until I have 6 pens.

I was quoted $17,500 with labor to do this job.

weber195 Jan 3rd 2019 08:29 PM

tight corners are deer killers...

weber195 Jan 4th 2019 06:31 PM

all corners are where most accidents happen, bucks will run does into corners and gore them along with other bucks...does will run fawns or less dominant animals into corners and hit them with their hooves...90 degrees are bad enough but anything tighter is asking for trouble...that is my 2 cents worth...Good Luck

Learjetcowboy Jan 6th 2019 04:03 PM

Itís not exactly on the corner... I will have 12í gates in the smallest corner and other corners with be 45 degree

Noble Mar 20th 2019 03:07 AM

Would you be able to send me your pen layout? Thank you for your time.

Learjetcowboy Apr 9th 2019 01:18 PM

farm layout
1 Attachment(s)
These are my pens 250x250 squares cut corner to corner.

buenavides1 Apr 22nd 2019 04:56 PM

The best deer fence is a high tensile woven wire fence. It is a very economical fence that can last a lifetime. The 8-foot height deters the deer from jumping over it. But then again it will still depend on how big your scope is and how much money are you willing to spend.

Brush Creek Monsters Feb 14th 2020 04:01 AM

We are fencing in 6.5 acres, we cut cedar for posts. Picking up fencing today $435 a roll 330 ft by 8 ft high, you can figure $10 to $12 dollars a post, we are pretty new and just starting our selves.

rsander32 Feb 16th 2020 08:28 PM

If your having someone else do you fencing typically around $4.75-$5.50 per foot for labor and materials. If you buy your own well casing I get it for a $1 per foot for up to 4 inch pipe but I have to buy a semi load, fleet supply had 10í t post for $9 last time I bought them last summer. Fence is typically $400-450 per 330ft roll delivered. I would only buy new fence if I did it all over again.

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