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abewalsh Nov 28th 2018 05:47 AM

Fence Security
(I originally posted this in the wrong area...sorry.)

Has anyone had any trouble with people trying to cut holes in your fence? What measures are you taking to reduce the risks?

Thank you!

Jamthund Dec 28th 2018 01:03 PM

Hi, this is my first post and this is a big concern for me as I plan my farm. I am probably going to go with a double fence with a 4' barrier between them where I slowly grow a living fence between the two fences. Once the Osage Orange or Willow has established itself as the living fence I plan to add thickets that can be used as forage (blackberries) but also block line of sight and provide a more thorny obstacle to make it near impossible to penetrate the fence and add to the line of sight blocking. This will all take time, which I have now and you probably don' this really doesn't help, sorry.

Dealing with humans is tricky due to their intelligence, even if it is wrongly placed. I don't think you can really stop one with out some sort of surveillance and a reaction force. In the Army, we knew obstacles could be breached but they gave us time to observe the enemy and react accordingly.

Maybe live stock guardian dogs? Do they work with deer?

LG1 Apr 28th 2020 12:34 PM

I agree with the idea of some more natural cover like bushes, etc. You could also try different types of fencing material. Greenville Fence something like a heavy metal or even some of the vinyl fences are more resistant to tampering.

lance1508 Oct 29th 2020 06:08 PM

I bet Scotty never aware of the measurements, you just have to do stats based on your own experience.

lomn8801 Feb 7th 2021 06:38 PM

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stevediaz405 Feb 10th 2021 06:54 PM

Fence security
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Janwil Mar 23rd 2021 12:40 AM

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