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Old Feb 15th 2020, 01:56 PM   #1
 Brush Creek Monsters's Avatar
  Jan 2020
  Peebles Ohio
Dart Guns

I haven’t seen any threads up to date on this conversation, which is the easiest, most accurate? Wasn’t sure if their is anything new out there or a better version before buying one.

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Old Feb 27th 2020, 08:20 PM   #2
  Nov 2019
I would love to see some opinions on this. I'm comparing a pneu-dart 196 and cap-chur SS rifle. Gonna need one in April.
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Old Feb 28th 2020, 02:25 AM   #3
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  Jan 2020
  Peebles Ohio
Dart Gun

It doesn’t seem to be a hot topic or nothing new has come out.
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Old Mar 2nd 2020, 07:57 PM   #4
  Nov 2019
I went ahead with the pneu-dart 196 for the range. I'll post a review once I get some use out of it.
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Old Apr 1st 2021, 08:46 AM   #5
  Apr 2021
  Atlanta, GA, USA
Hey how has the pneu-dart 196 worked out for you? Is it worth the buy? I mainly do mobile tire repair, though I am looking at getting into deer farming and hunting. Are those darts worth it?
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Old Apr 1st 2021, 07:55 PM   #6
  Apr 2011
  Kenosha, WI
I've used several pneu-dart models, a co2 telinject, and dan inject.

If you have a use for cartridge fired projectors, the 196 and 389 are great. 389 accommodates larger darts and double darting.

Love my 389, which is a break barrel and quite the model. It has long range and short range with larger darts. Very accurate and both models have several tiers of adjustment with different colored powerloads and a fine tune adjustment which is numbered on the gun (this allows different amounts of gas to expel the dart).

Not a fan of the telinject blow pipe style dart guns. They are well made, and have use if you are darting from stalls, and they are quiet but they are awkward to hold and aim, and have a smaller range. The darts are also ones that need to be pressurized and auto claved after use.

I much prefer the disposable darts. These darts discharge upon impact, and although they have slowed down how fast the darts discharge, they still are great. The smaller ones light up upon impact so you know they have expelled the drugs.

If I had an unlimited budget, I'd have a hard time deciding between Pneu-darts excalibur (co2 powered rifle) and Dan Injects model. They are both amazing guns, and with a pressure tank, allow great adjustment to Co2, a quiet shot, and are not affected by ambient temperature. And you can convert the dan inject barrel to accommodate the pneu-dart disposable darts.

I guess the questions I would ask is how will you be using the dart projector?
Inside the barn, or in close range?
Darting from a blind or from further distances? like 30 plus yards?
How often will you dart? TB/ Brucelosis testing / blood draws - or will you use a chute for more routine things?

What is your contingency plan for escapes? etc.

These ?'s will influence which projector will work better.
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