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Cervid: taxidermy
They will eat all the leaves and ears, then chew on the stalks. But if you feed them daily, they get spoiled and go for the ears and leaves and pretty much ignore the stalk. Usually each stalk grows 2-3 ears, the farmer picks the best ear for selling, so my deer still get at least one per stalk. Then by fall he chops it for silage. My deer will eat the silage, but they don't care for it that much.
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  Oct 2012

we pay $450 per ton but i can't say i'm very impressed with it. May i ask what everyone's mix is? email me in private in you don't want to post it public here. Hell we're all friends here guys what's your mix? i got too many darn fines with the mix i inherited
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  Oct 2012

Our mix..and i hate it.WAY TOO MANY FINES. We are now using shelled corn to cut down on fines and a bit more molasses but i'd still like to get rid of some of the other fines. I just don't think this has the nutrition they need.


I keep it at 18% protein yr yr but i did up the fat to 4% i THINK. I inherited this and welcome any and all feed back

Our mix is:


Corn 528 lbs

Soybean Meal 328 lbs

Corn Gluten Pellet 316 lbs

Soy Hull Pellets 252 lbs

Distillers Grain 126 lbs

Oats 190 lbs

Molasses 104

CLE Liquid Fat 82lbs

Limestone Calcium 38lbs

GainRite GlutenGro 18 lbs
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