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Old Sep 29th 2013, 03:32 AM   #1
  May 2010
  Shreveport, LA
I've been looking at deer farming for sometime now and have visited a farm near where I live (thanks Deer Creek Whitetails) but due to not owning any land and moving every few years I was considering investing in someone elses farm/deer. Does this happen? If so, what is a typical investment look like for the farm? Is it in the entire operation or in a specific animal? Any answers would be much appreciated. And I'm sure that I'll keep coming up with more. Thanks in advance!
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Old Sep 29th 2013, 03:55 AM   #2
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  Aug 2009
  Winnsboro, LA
Eric , we enjoyed you guys visit as we do everyone who shows interest in our industry whether you ever buy an animal from me or not I always have and always will point you in what I feel is the best direction for you. As regards the investment in any operation it should never include property or any permanent structures like barn or fence. Only animals or semen should be the shared property unless you BEGIN or START a business together from its inception forward. At that point everything purchased is shared from property - profit. If you buy half interest in someone's operation thats already established I'm sure the price would likely reflect a portion of ones initial investment . The details of each situation will be different as there will continue to be costs associated with feed, medication, and so on. Hope I've helped -Jason
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Old Sep 29th 2013, 04:23 AM   #3
  May 2010
  Shreveport, LA
Thanks for the quick reply. It looks as if investing in the deer would be my best option as opposed to investing in the actual farm.

If someone split the cost of a doe 50/50 with a farmer, to include initial purchase price and up-keep (meds, feed, etc.) what would the return look like for the investor? Not the monetary return but how would the two split fawns and what not? In my mind the actual farmer would have first pick with twins since they do all the real work. The investor would then have 1.5 deer (fawn #2 and the initial doe) and then would essentially have to board the fawn at the farmers place and a new agreement would need to be reached for that fawn. I may be complicating this more than it really is..its been a long night shift. I'm just figuring out how I would go about this and running through hypothetical situations in my mind.
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Old Sep 29th 2013, 04:46 AM   #4
 La. Bone Collector's Avatar
  Aug 2009
  Winnsboro, LA
It's usually customary for the investor to receive 1st choice fawn. If there is only one fawn born its still considered first choice. Then alternating the following year with seller getting First choice. In the event of a triplet or more an agreement between the two parties on a price that would be taken or given to obtain the extra fawn . Then there is just an agreement to just sell it and split the earnings.

Reaching maximum carrying capacity on any given operation would vary, so yes it could become complex if investor were to never sell his fawns in hopes to stock his own breeding facility at a future date. It all depends upon what the intentions are and being in complete agreement with each other.
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Old Sep 30th 2013, 01:21 AM   #5
  May 2010
  Shreveport, LA
Thanks for the info, Jason. That's pretty much what I was thinking would happen. Like I said before, investing looks to be the best option for me right now. I've still got a lot of researching and what not to do before I get into anything. I like to know pretty much everything I can before I start something.
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Old May 4th 2021, 04:19 AM   #6
  May 2021
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  Jan 2021
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  Nov 2021
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  Jul 2021
  New York
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