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Bell that is sound advice regarding a closed herd now a days!
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I'm new myself.*

-Like several have said do not spend more than you can afford to loose.*

-If you are gone all the time and have to rely on other people strongly reconsider.*

-Do not get caught up with farm names and pedigrees.*

-There are $250 does that are better than $10,000 does sold every day.* Buy deer that produce what you want not breed with what it hot.

-Have a professional build your first couple pens if you care about looks and functionality.* $4/ft, $250 for H braces and $500 for gates all galvanized pipe is cheaper than I can build myself

-If you start with more than a couple deer buy a breeder and do not AI.* I visited farms and found bucks I liked... They were all out of my price range... The next year my favorite 2yr old buck I looked at in PA happened to damaged and going to a hunt ranch as a shooter.. He saved me more money than he cost and he turned out to be a phenomenal 445" at 4.*

-If you are in a EHD prone area I would buy a couple does breed to FEMALE sexed and pull the fawns.* My bottle fawns were much easier to save from EHD.*

-If you do get EHD don't waste money trying to find out what strand of EHD it is either because Newport wont get back to you in the same year..

-Low cut pens with good run off, fogging, vaccination etc does not mean anything if midges are down wind of your property and pens

-Have a handling facility ready before you bring home the first deer... It doesn't have to be much to be functional.* Way less stressful and way more efficient and effective than darting.*

-Have a vaccine plan and medications for it on hand

-There's a point where you can put more into a deer medicating it and keeping it alive than the animal is worth so you can be placed with some rough decisions

-You have to experience somethings to learn.* There are a lot of people willing to help but people that have done this for several years don't think about little things and you can read all the descriptions in the world and until you see it for yourself it may be hard to interpret.
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