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Old Jan 10th 2011, 07:53 AM   #1
  Jan 2011
  Joplin, MO
Ive been looking into this for about a year now and have visited several farms. We only have 10 acres here in missouri but i think it would make a nice little setup. I havea few questions about now it where to obtain financing to get started. I figured i can retrofit our old cattle barn. I am looling at about 15000 for fencing and startup supplies plus initial cost of deer. I have checked with the local fsa and deer do not qualify for any of there programs. I have now approached several banks with my idea and basically got laughed at. Didnt know if anyone knew of sn establishment where s guy could get financing for such a venture? Also been looking at flyer før the upcoming top 30 auction and was curious as to what the going rate would be on some of the higher end does bred to some of the more popular sires? Thanks før any input you may have.
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Old Jan 10th 2011, 08:41 AM   #2
 Whitetail Sanctuary's Avatar
  May 2009
  Chillicothe, Missouri
cdp05, Good ? I haven't met a banker yet or a gov branch that looks at deer and doesn't laugh so not sure what to tell you on that! Top 30 well there will be deer from the "well thats a good deal" To WOW^!^@!!!^%$@$%&(W*@ WOW How in the world!!! But thats the deer business. But focus on you and your program don't get caught up in the auctions to much if you are just starting out! Maybe form a partnership and start out or when you start buy a few and see how it goes. But remember the learning curve on deer can be great for a while [ we went almost 3 yrs before we lost any deer] But the odds usually catch up to you and you learn real quick how fast that money you dpent on that "change the farm" doe or buck can be "here this mornin gone tonite" But the good usally outshines the bad! The main thing is if you have a dream to be a deerfarmer don't be detoured from your goal!!!!! If ya need any HELP just hollar!


P.S the Top 30 starts Wed. if you can get away we will be there stop by our booth
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Old Jan 10th 2011, 10:32 AM   #3
  Jan 2011
  Joplin, MO
just got off the phonw with the state usda office and according to them apparently there are no deer being raised here and they arent a viable agricultural operation. If i wanted to do ostrich or alpacas though they would be glad to since they have an established market????? Guess its never a good sign when the state loan officer ask what you are wanting to do and you tell them and they reply you mean like the ones people hunt and start laughing. This has become really frustrating to say the least and for not that much money. I might as well ask for a a half a million from the reactions i have been getting. Sad thing is they are supposed to have programs to help and grow the nations agricultural community and it seems they are no better than my local city banker who doesnt even know what a cow is!! rant over
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Old Jan 10th 2011, 10:39 AM   #4
 Wild Rivers Whitetails's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Northeast Wisconsin

Cervid: Deer Farming
Your best bet is to use your own money to start with whatever you can afford. You can grow and expand as your money allows. Just put up one pen first and a second next year - or just buy a couple of deer. You will have to find your own credit limits because as said above - no one will give you money to raise deer - sad but true.
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Old Jan 11th 2011, 08:13 PM   #5
  Jan 2011
  Joplin, MO
thanks for the info guys! Done a lot of digging and calling and have found an alternitive loan program that the state offers. Now all i gotta do is find out market info and how prices have been and who potential buyers are and put together a business plan. Any ifo you guys may have on a this i would really appriciate it.

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Old Jan 12th 2011, 12:20 AM   #6
  Oct 2010
  Edmonton KY
Get the grant or loan for the ostrich or alpacas and get your 8 foot fence going then start with a nice breed white tail doe. Then you will have a year to see what you have and work on getting your farm set up. Good luck. Then sell the ostrich or alpacas later the get more deer.
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Old Jan 13th 2011, 03:20 PM   #7
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  Jun 2010
  Dubois, PA

Cervid: Whitetails
When I got started I made a business plan and took it to the bank and they thought it was a real good idea. No problem getting money. Maybe you should put something like that together. Show what start up costs are and how long it will take to make some money.

Matt Anthony
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Old Jan 14th 2011, 02:19 PM   #8
  Jan 2011
  Joplin, MO
thanks for all the info guys i really appriciate it!
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Old Jan 15th 2011, 04:52 PM   #9
  May 2010
Originally Posted by ncw2010
When I got started I made a business plan and took it to the bank and they thought it was a real good idea. No problem getting money. Maybe you should put something like that together. Show what start up costs are and how long it will take to make some money.

Matt Anthony

matt anyway i can get a copy of you plan ?????
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Old Jan 4th 2016, 05:18 PM   #10
  Mar 2015
  byron il

cpd05... I am wondering what the "alternative loan program" you have came up with.. I am in Illinois and I have never experienced more attempts to DE-RAIL me...* state vets all have different agendas it seems.. luckily I have a friend whos been at it as a hobby 8-10 years... been 2 years and still struggling w all the regs and rules that change over night..

THANK YOU (this is my first ever post) woohooo


everyone on here has helped me a ton just by reading every single post and reply.....
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Old Jan 5th 2016, 05:27 AM   #11
  Oct 2015

I just got started this year and I just invested what I could with my own money and I just have a simple one pen set up with my breeder buck and 5 good does. This spring im looking at adding another 2 more pens to my setup. As far as the market I would not advise watching the top 30 because everything goes crazy high at the 30. Also something I was told once was to look through sale books and look around and find a look that stands out to you and go with it.
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Old Jan 5th 2016, 09:40 AM   #12
 IndependenceRanch's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Edgar, WI

Cervid: deer
Are you guys serious? Is there NO ONE who will give this person an honest answer???

If you want to raise deer then by all means if after gathering facts about the industry. Both positive and negative you decide you really want to do this great. Go for it slowly and methodically. BUT FOR GODS SAKE DO NOT BORROW A PENNY FROM ANYONE!!! The oldest saying in the deer business is, "Never spend more than you can afford to lose."

If you borrow money and a year, 3 years or five years later all your deer die or are worth pennies on the dollar. Are you will to make payments to repay a loan on zero worth?

As a side note, watch out for snakes not willing to be honest with you. They will sell you a dead horse and charge you for the feed too.
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Old Jan 5th 2016, 09:45 AM   #13
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  Apr 2009
  Edgar, WI

Cervid: deer
My previous post is accurate. But if you feel the need to buy deer I also have several for sale. As good or better than any lots in the coming auction. And priced better also. I am selling out so willing to work with anyone on fair pricing. FYI since your new. I was for years a Top 30 seller and buyer. Will sell bred does or open later this summer.
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Old Jan 5th 2016, 11:11 AM   #14
  Apr 2009

My only advise is DON'T BORROW MONEY TO BUY DEER OR ANYTHING NEEDED FOR DEER RAISING! *I LOVE deer but don't spend anything you cant afford to loose! *Deer have been very good to me tho! *You can buy very good genetics now very reasonable! *You don't need the top 30 deer to make deer look like the top 30! *Jim Simonson


Call me Love to talk deer, 507-227-9194
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Old Jan 5th 2016, 11:59 AM   #15
  May 2012
  Denison, KS
First I 100% agree with anyone saying don't barrow. I personally lost 80%+ of my herd the first year(out of 40 does/75 fawns) to ehd, that was about 4 years ago and am still working at getting back to where I believe I should be. In hind sight. I believe that a person could develop a relationship with another rancher or work a deal to where you could purchase a number of does that you could afford with this in mind...... Buy bred does that can be left at current ranch until fawned out and re-bred. Then bring those bred does and fawns home. It will cost purchase price, boarding for a year, and breeding(live breed). This would allow you to have more time to build a pen, buy a dart gun and meds, some winter hay and some misc things. some of these deer may die in the mean time at no fault of the seller, arraignments need to be made prior to purchase. A contract is a must. As others have said.... You don't need top 30 deer to produce like the top 30.... Look over many pedigrees and any production records that are available..... Buy does that have produced stockers at two..... It can be difficult enough keep fawns alive let alone keep a deer alive for 3-4 years till its big enough to shoot. Find out where your preserves are and find out what kind of bucks they shoot the most of... Raise that kind of buck.... More than like a mostly typical 160-200" rack. Aim for the higher end as it cost as much to raise a 160" as it does a 200"..... The genetics are available to do all the above at a reasonable price. Just look around a lot.

If you are able to find a ranch willing to work with you on a scenario like above from the time deer hit your farm you should be able to sell bucks in about 24 months. In the mean time watch your input costs and make sure that you only spend what you have to..... Also keep in mind that you will have excess does eventually, there can be options if you are willing.... Personally I would keep the youngest, attempt to sell the oldest and if I had to I would butcher the oldest if I couldn't get a dime for them.... Put your business plan together based on not selling does, that way you can see true potential or lack there of depending on your input costs
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