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Spinpro Mar 18th 2011 10:45 AM

I've been reading about how many deer a certain area can support in the forums, but I would like some advice for my specific location and about the size of my facility. I'll have 80 acres fenced with about 10 small watering holes and four (4) food plots covering about three (3) acres. The rest of the area is wooded with 70% aspen, 20% evergreend, and 10% beach, maple and oak. I live in mid Michigan, and we typically have snow covering the ground from December through March. Temperatures do get below zero at times. About how many deer could be managed on this area with and without supplemental feeding? We will be supplemental feeding, but some are telling me that very little may be necessary. Coments please? I really enjoy everyones feedback.

CurtisLloyd Mar 18th 2011 12:42 PM

three acres will give you about 9000 lbs. of gross food in one year deer need 1000 lbs. / year, without supp. I would try to keep it at 20-25 deer which means only 5-6 does with enough supp. 60-65 deer this will require 20 tons of feed

Wild Rivers Whitetails Mar 18th 2011 03:35 PM

Also, if you don't supplemental feed, or have too many deer, you will have a distinct browse line on your property.

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