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Bell Jul 13th 2014 12:55 PM

Just wondering what others might be using such as garlic in feed or another helpful ingredient that could be added to water troughs etc. that helps to repel flies, midges, and mosquitos.


H&M Whitetails Jul 14th 2014 04:43 AM

Jonathan we use garlic all summer and the only water we have sitting around is our water buckets which we make sure they are cleaned at least one time in a week. We have been blessed so far. We also have that hand held fogger we use every couple weeks .

Bell Jul 14th 2014 05:43 AM

We try to place our water troughs on areas with good slopes. When they are dumped the water doesn't puddle. Any place in our pens we have where a mud puddle can form, we use a back pack garden sprayer and coat these areas with a light mist of diesel fuel between rains. We also treat our water troughs with water soluble thiamine. We use rope wicks through a repellant filled pipe to drench our animals when they pass through gates. I don't spray. I would if all areas in the vicinity of our farm were also treated. In my opinion spraying one spot would not halt the mosquito or midge. Just go to the woods in Canada and fog your camp. Then take your clothes off and stand there after dark. I think it will be a teachable moment. If malaria were in Canada everyone would get it. The EHD virus likewise isn't everywhere the midge and mosquito is either. The midges cannot be all destroyed. That is why I believe systemics are the most important tool in stopping the virus from killing our herds next to unnecessary SEASONAL movement of a reservoir host carrying the EHD virus such as cattle. All in my opinion.

Garlic is used from mid July through frost heavily in our top coat. None of my local mills will make it into my pellet because they don't want the residue tainting their equipment.

Thanks for your response H&M.

sdbigbucks Jul 15th 2014 06:14 AM

I also add the garlic powder in the feed for fly control. I was adding as much as 10 pounds per ton 2 years ago when I had a huge EHD hit and it didn't seem to slow down midges, flys will almost completely leave the deer alone. A few will still land on them but don't seem to bite them. I lost 52 deer in 10 days and the day I started fogging with the guardian fogger, I completely stopped it. It's the one Wayne Green sells on here. I have a stagnant stock pond right next to my breeding pens and once I fogged the pond, it completely stopped. I lost about a dozen of the best yearlings I've ever had along with a 2 year old breeder that gave me 6 out of*9 bucks that should go over 200 inches this year at 2. In my opinion a misting system would be fine for fly control but if your after the midge, hes probably already made it into your pen by*the time the mister comes on. The fogger is inexpensive to use. I fogged a 400 acre slough on my farm a couple times a week and*never lost a single wild deer after that, some years I*can find a hundred that die from EHD. We've had EHD in our area for 30 years(central SD). Don't wait for them to get into the pen, go after em on the mud where they live and you can stop it.*The best price I found the bulk garlic powder was the webstaurant

Bell Jul 15th 2014 11:16 AM


We get our garlic from the same place. Lol

I buy it in 25lbs bags and in August through September we use 100lbs in 5 ton of feed. I haven't had EHD since 07. I lost around 50 deer in 06 & 07. If the EHD deaths on my farm were graphed, there would be a pattern indicated by a bell curve over a two week span. Roughly 98% of the deaths on our farm happened in a ten day period while the virus ran its course through our herd. Each late August and early September I do a lot of praying without the "s" at the beginning. I believe God has helped spare my herd along with my shotgun attack on the midge biting my animals. I have tried wormers, thiamine, sulfur, and other things in the drinking water also as systemics.

Has anyone tried using Cylence mixed with mineral oil in rope wick repellent mixture applications where it is applied in a small diluted amount daily? I don't recall if Cylence is an oil based product.

Martin's Deer Products Jul 16th 2014 07:08 AM

We use a lot of garlic in our feed for the flies and it works great. This year they are bad and while we don't have many we do have some.

toddhoeffel Jul 16th 2014 08:57 AM

I always use garlic in my feed too. Normally, since alot of them will pick through it, I will wet down my rolled soybeans with oil, mix in the garlic powder and probiotic powder, then mix these "coated" beans in with their feed.


I will also go through my pens every couple weeks and spray down the "hang out" areas with permetherin.


I also raise a few steers every year too in proximity with my deer pens, and keep them sprayed down to prevent*the steers*from attracting any flys/midges.


Knock on wood, never had a case of EHD in 6 years.

rackmaster Sep 22nd 2017 06:19 AM

I was using a mineral supplement that had galic and rosemary in it for wild deer. since it practically eliminated the tick issues, i believe it helped with other biting critters.
they went out of business.
any one know a formula for a good mineral for wild deer?
I like redmon sea salt with some di cal mixed in, but have no ideas on the galic or rosemary that was added in other mix?

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