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Old Nov 1st 2015, 06:05 PM   #1
  Dec 2013
  Newellton, LA.

Can anyone help me on what is the average consumption of deer feed, on adult deer should be.
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Old Nov 1st 2015, 08:08 PM   #2
  May 2015

I suppose you mean pints? During late winter, Jan. Feb. until grass started growing my pregnant does ate only about 1 pint a day (each)*plus about 4-5" slab of alfalfa hay (for both does).*Then they still ate only that small amount of grain until they gave birth. Since then they increased dramatically to about 1 gal. a day, but no hay. Late gestation to current I've been feeding approx. 18-20% protein, lately some sunflower seeds extra to get some fat on them. Last week they started eating hay again. I'm in KY and it's still 60's-70, no frost at night. In order to get the does in good shape (both had triplets) for winter/breeding and the fawns to get all the nutrition they care for, I started feeding free choice. Left the feed tote in barn open, so if food dishes are empty, they can eat out of bin. Has been working well.

Hope this helps.
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Old Nov 2nd 2015, 06:01 AM   #3
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  Apr 2009
  Vaughn, MT 59487

Cervid: mule deer,whitetail,elk,goats,bighorn & stone sheep & Alaskan dahl sheep

On the average adult does will eat 6 to*8 pounds some will eat much more*feed a day, bucks more fawns less.* Given the opportunity they will all eat more grain and pellets when it is cold.* I think my average is 3.5# a day on grain and pellets in fall the rest is hay.
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Old Nov 2nd 2015, 06:19 AM   #4
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  May 2010
  Stevens Point/Gillett, WI

My adult females consume 3-5lbs of pellet, Bucks are 5-7lbs. During summer months when antlers are growing they consume a lot more. I am also not including hay or treats. Ryan
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Old Nov 3rd 2015, 02:04 AM   #5
  Jan 2011
  Houston, Texas
My 5 bucks (4yearlings & a 2yo) ate 15-18#/day nearly all summer. August they started eating a little more and in September they were eating 22-25#, but now they are back down to 14-18ppd.

My does averaged about 3# per head per day until late September when they started increasing and are currently at 4.5 each.

Feed increase correlated close to adding a little Purina textured feed to my mix but it's $200-260 more per ton than ADM pellets so they only get about 1/2# per deer of it.

This is the absolute most my deer have ever ate.
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Old Nov 3rd 2015, 07:08 AM   #6
  Jul 2012
  McAlester OK
It's going to depend on location. Northern genetic deer are going to eat more than southern genetic deer deer.
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Old Nov 3rd 2015, 08:37 AM   #7
  Oct 2015
  Orleans , Indiana U.S.

Looking for ideas on a good deer feed?* I know some feed a pellet some a mixture .* Will be getting deer in December and I live in Indiana, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.* Thx Mark
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Old Nov 3rd 2015, 05:30 PM   #8
  May 2015

From what I've been reading on various threads it would depend on how many deer, meaning quantity, and what storage/mixing facility you would have. I got my 2 does end of January, have not really a place to store feed, let alone mixer etc.. I checked around for feed that is readily available at all times, so I ended up with a 16% dairy feed, a mix from local feed mill and TSC*Record* Rack Sportsman*deer & elk feed. I had TSC put me on rain check so they'll keep half a dozen bags for me in the back, that way I should not be bothered by empty shelves. The Sportsman deer & elk pellets are 20%, same as Purina which they have during hunting season only. I mix cracked corn, dairy feed, sunflower seeds in. Fawns and adults I have 9 deer total here and mix/store the stuff in a big plastic totes. I could not find fawn pellets, so I had to come up with something that*is available*locally. TSC also has deer mineral and if I would want to up the protein I can get 50% soybean meal at feed mill. Took some foot work to find proper stuff in small town KY.
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Old Nov 3rd 2015, 10:13 PM   #9
  Dec 2013
  Newellton, LA.

thanks guys, good information. much appreciated.
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