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Old Feb 22nd 2010, 07:33 AM   #1
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  Mar 2009
  Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

Cervid: Western Canadian white-tailed deer
Bye, bye Bambi

Reprinted from Trent Loos' Newsletter

A swerving vehicle directly ahead initially made me first wonder if the driver was lost but then there in front of me it was - an injured yearling fawn laying in the middle of the highway.

It had been hit by another vehicle, and I can only imagine how many vehicles had driven around this animal without a second thought to its condition.

Initially, I, too, drove past. Then my conscience got the best of me and I turned around to see if I could get the paralyzed deer off the road.

As I moved the young deer into the ditch, I considered if leaving it there was actually the “right” thing to do, or if I should instead find a way to end this injured animal’s suffering. I also considered if perhaps I should take it to a local veterinarian if one could be found, but I just wasn’t sure that would be a welcomed burden to bestow upon someone so unexpectedly and what obligations I would then be putting on that veterinary professional.

Having spent all my life around production animals and knowing all that goes into good animal husbandry, I knew that the proper thing to do was to respectfully end this young deer’s life. No veterinary attention and no amount of special care was going to bring this fawn back to any sort of animal life that resembles that of an unharmed deer.

Yet, it was the fear of a penalty that initially prevented me from acting as my conscience told me I should.

Given how quickly the State of California has been to pass judgment on animal owners and to err toward the extreme of “protecting” animal’s rights, I just wasn’t sure how taking the humane route in this situation would be perceived by authorities.

So I left that deer sitting along the side the road out of my own fear of personal retribution from those that have repeatedly shown they do not understand proper animal treatment.

As I drove on I continued to second guess my decision. In fact, I found I couldn’t clear my mind of the vision of that injured fawn sitting out there in the dark of night unable to move in order to seek the shelter or food necessary for survival. I also thought about how easy prey it would be for other animals that undoubtedly would not give a second thought as to the amount of suffering they would cause the fawn in its final moments.

A few hours passed and I could help but go back to check on the fawn. It was in the exact location I had placed it alongside of the road.

I now have no trouble sleeping knowing that this beautiful, young creature is not suffering on the side of the road because of the decision I made.
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Old Feb 22nd 2010, 08:27 AM   #2
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  Oct 2009
  upstate ny

Cervid: Whitetail Deer
Very nice,I believe ny would have the same law but i would not have thought twice and dont think i would have drove away the first time no matter what my outcome would have been!!!
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Old Feb 23rd 2010, 04:58 AM   #3
  Oct 2009
There was a time normal people didnt worry about what the crazy people would think. Now we all have a need to be politically correct, even if we know its wrong to do so. It makes me wanna gag.
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Old Feb 23rd 2010, 05:16 AM   #4
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  Apr 2009

Cervid: Deer

Was going down the road last winter...Comes up over the hill and there is a fawn laying in the road head up, but Very bad...

We...I mean...THEY get out of the truck and it is about 7-8 month old little doe fawn...looked just like one of THEIR favorites... so They pick her up and move her off the road, her whole back end is ripped open...

They call the state police to see if they will come killer her...They say it will take hours and to just carry her to the other side of the guard rail so she doesn't cause a wreck and they will come when they can...

Well my Friend says...OH never mine she just died!...

My friend normally carries a gun but she did not that day!!! So I go to my truck and HECK ...there is only a pen knife...

I am playing this scene out in my head of Jim Carrey in Me Myself and Irene on the cow in the road...

It went much easier than I thought...And she didn't suffer for hours ...God bless her Little soul!!!

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Old Feb 23rd 2010, 02:50 PM   #5
  Dec 2009
I was in the same situation a few years back. The 5 month old button buck was paralyzed on the shoulder alertly watching traffic go past, but could only move his head. Its somthing none of us enjoy, but also our duty as we respect the animal far too much, and none deserve to suffer.

Good for you!!
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Old Mar 1st 2010, 07:00 PM   #6
  May 2009
Kudos Russell. I wish more people thought like you did.
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bambi, bye

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