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Old Aug 26th 2012, 09:09 AM   #16
  Aug 2012
  Lewistown, PA
no one? how about would anyone be willing to let me tour their place who has scent collecting buildings?
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Old Aug 27th 2012, 06:42 AM   #17
  Aug 2012
  Lewistown, PA
Thank you very much for the help
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Old Aug 27th 2012, 07:43 AM   #18
  Jan 2011
  Barnett Mo
We have very tame does and a buck that will let us walk up and hold our 2oz bottles we use as they pee works good for use and its very cheap bottles run 98 cents at walmart they are 2oz empty spray bottles in the pharmacy area
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Old Sep 3rd 2012, 01:46 PM   #19
  Sep 2009
  Northern, Minnesota
I would not use expanded metal as it will chew up the hooves and rust over a very short time or the rubberized coating or floor paint and even some plastics because all will leach odors into the urine and contaminate it making it a very low quality and ineffective.

The average buck can smell you about a mile away so he can also detect these other odors making it less effective.

I am presently drawing up a set of plans and instructions on how to build urine collection stall.

It may take me a few days as the drawing take awhile to do.

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Old Sep 3rd 2012, 01:55 PM   #20
  Apr 2009
  Fombell PA

It's awesome to draw up a collection stall as long as it is respectful to the animal that will be my opinion that is impossible....but maybe you have a good idea.....I just don't know how the animal can be free ranging and still be able to be collected unless tame and able to walk up behind it and collect it freely as it goes........I honestly feel we need to respect our Whitetails that we choose to raise and as long as we do it respectfully it's awesome..........I'm not saying anything against you Wyane...I just don't know how you create a stall unless it is where they come up to feed or drink.....that would be respectful to the animal that is used to free range.....just my opinion.....
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Old Sep 8th 2012, 06:36 PM   #21
  Apr 2009
  Sullivan,MO 63080
I have smaller pens built off of my main pens and have a building in each pen with an alley way going to the door. I just walk in through the building into the pen the deer walk around to the alley way and walk right into the building. You do want tame deer and have sight barrier around the fence. We had a bottle raised buck fawn that we bought about 11 years ago and we had to keep him just for the scent collection because we couldn't part with him. All you had to do is walk in the pen in the evening and clap your hands and he would walk right into the building. We lost him this year it was a very sad day to say the least. The main thing is give them some treats inside the building or bottle feed them in the building if you plan on using them for scent collection and you won't have any trouble at all. Most mornings when I open the doors to let them out to clean the stalls. I have to go in and get them up and run them out of the building so I can clean them. If I leave the outside door to the pen open they will actually try and walk in the building while I am hosing it out which is 8x8 feet. If it is done right there is very little if any stress on the animals. I think some like it better because they get special treatment and lots of treats.
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Old Mar 16th 2021, 07:58 PM   #22
  Mar 2021
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