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Good luck with your deer farm.* Proceed with caution, I heard the guy that bought Wayne's doe for $500 is going broke in the deer business!


Bill, If "HE" does go broke?. *......... *................He's Certainly in the "Right" Business! * * *LOL
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After starting out I would say be extremely careful on what you buy as proven does.* If you can't afford to compete with millionaires at auctions then why buy $10,000 deer?* If it is just a hobby I wouldn't spend over $1000 on an open doe.* For one simple reason, regardless how much help you get from everyone and how much research you do you will not know everything and chances are if you loose a deer it will be your best.* I'd be shocked if anyone didn't loose deer their first 2 years. If it is just a hobby just buy 1-2 decent does to start or even a couple fawns to try to raise.* I studied every pedigree in every auction and read every post on this forum for a few years before I bought a single deer.* I decided on 2 lines I wanted. (The bad part was I started with the higher priced line first because I was trying to get my deer in Florida before big money got the boarders closed, I failed so thankfully I had family willing to move to Oklahoma to help. I work away from home about 300 days a year so my animals are more my family's than they are my own.) Although I'm focused on 2 lines half of my deer are well breed deer that were reasonably priced.* If you aren't committed to a specific line then you can buy good deer at fair prices. If you are you pay what you have to.* You might get lucky, I bought a $600 doe who I thought was nothing special but well breed for heavy framed typicals. Her womb brother ended up a clean typical 27" inside and 270+* at 2. Then I got unlucky as she fought EHD for 3 months before I lost her, but thankfully I bought her 3/4 sister that for $600 too.* If I were to do it over again I would probably try to buy does 4-5 years old. A lot of people that breed aggressively don't keep many does that long so they sell them at a fair price because most people want a young doe that has been breed with what is hot now.* The other thing is my 2year old does constantly fight while my older does just mosey around looking for treats.* I hope you understand I'm not saying buy cheap or be overly concerned about proven does, I'm saying study and buy smart. I believe EHD reaches North Dakota as well and that is not a fun experience.* The other thing is make sure you have help, doing this on your own is impossible if you are not retired.* Also buy a breeder, before worrying about AI it's almost guaranteed breeding, and if it's a breeder that is for sell as a shooter then it's not going to cost much more than AI plus you can possibly sell it as a shooter in December.
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