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Old May 8th 2012, 05:10 AM   #1
  May 2011
  Western Kentucky
Hello, im raising a 12 mo old buck who has coccossdosi (not sure fo spelling) he may be getting better. The doe thats with him has always played and comes running to me each time i go into there pen. Yesterday she did not come to us, we were giving them there first watermelon of the year. She ate a couple of bites from the laying down position and never did get up. I just got back from there this morning and she was laying inside and did not get up this time either.Obviously she can get up as she was inside. They both have access to a 50x100 metal building that they spend a lot of time in. She im certain drank some of the water with the corrid in it (but thats been 10 days ago) Yhe only other changes is that raccoons have the last few days gotton in there pen and are eating there food.

Her nose is shiny and her eyes look fine. I give them what i call cookies each day when i see them, they are mollasses flavored horse treats(by dunmor from TSC). She still eats her cookie in the laying down position. They are both my pets! I have on many occassions went into the building and both are laying down and the let me walk up to them and pet them and give them cookies. The only difference is when i would walk away from them they always got up and followed me.

Sometimes on really hot days ill turn the hose on and spray him and she always comes over and plays in the water......she doesnt come over the past two days.

I had notuced a week ago or so it seems like she leaves her mouth open about a 1/2" or so a lot, enough you can see her bottom teeth. Her nostrils seem closed down a bit like shes breathing through her mouth....not sure if this has anyhting to do with it or not.

Any ideas? pregnant? He chased he hard for 2 months jan and feb.

Corrid ? Raccoons? Giving the same feed , There are no poisons in the building for them to get into.

Please help
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Old May 8th 2012, 05:41 PM   #2
  Aug 2010
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Old May 8th 2012, 05:44 PM   #3
  Aug 2010
Does she have diarrhea? I would give her a shot of Draxxin for sure.
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Old May 8th 2012, 05:47 PM   #4
  Nov 2011
  Warriors Mark, PA
When they act "off" like that we usually assume pneumonia and use Draxxin.
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Old May 9th 2012, 06:24 PM   #5
  May 2011
  Western Kentucky
Thanks, A friend over nighted me some draxin, but before it came i found a mennonite that had some, i gave her the shot last night (24 hours now) and he also gave me a shot of something to lower fever. Shes certainly not well, but maybe a little better. She drank 16oz oz of gatorade and ate some clover and is standing not laying. Her hair is still standing out but shes licking my face and nibbling on my buttons...which i assume is a good sign. Thanks for your help as always...this is a wonderful site!
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