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TOADMAN May 20th 2010 07:06 PM

on monday 5/17 i gave my 2 does a 1 buck safeguard dewormer in the pellet form with fenbendazole in it to be safe with the pregenate does . the package says to give them 0.2lbs i used a postal scale and gave them each 6 onces the does are tame and eat them out of my hand . was this enough dewormer for each 1 or should i've given them more ? they still cough every once and awhile still and it is thursday 5/20 . how long does this usually take to kill worms if they have them ? do you think the cough is from something else other then worms ? they are drinking water and eating food , but seem to be eating alittle less food . they all seem healthy other then the cough . and if they have there fawns within in the next 2 weeks i was going to give them another batch of this dewomer if you's think that would be ok incase there was eggs inside them and hatched . please help me out with all your guys opions asap. thanks to all that replied on my other post about them .

virgil May 20th 2010 07:23 PM

I would wait 18 days or until fawns are born and worm again to kill any eggs that may have hatched.

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