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Fianna Bean Oct 13th 2019 10:51 AM

Sick Doe. Please Help!
Sick 4 year old doe. Vet came to check her. Bloodwork came back with low WB, but other than that, completely normal. Temp is normal. No CWD, and yet she is very thin and losing weight. She's been throwing up what looks like cud. Vet says she seems to be over-producing cud. It's even coming out her nose, so now she has white discharge coming out of her nose too. Vet gave her an antibotic shot and some Carafate tablets to put in her food. Possibly an ulcer? Her rumen is contracting but she's very hollowed out there and she often stands hunched up. She is hungry and interested in food. The pattern has been that she's wanting food in the morning, takes a few bites and walks away. At night she is ravenous and will eat everything I give her. Mornings are the most likely time she will throw up. Some days she doesn't throw up at all, and then others it's a lot. One other thing is that she is very thirsty and drinks lots of water. She has a fit when I empty and clean her water bucket and drinks the water from the hose as I refill it. The vet doesn't have any more ideas on what could be happening. I'm very worried because she is so very thin and the nights are getting colder. Please help with advice!

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