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smsimmer Jul 5th 2021 09:58 AM

Bottle Fawn Losing Hair
Hi there,
I have two bottle fed fawns with me. A buck and a doe.
The doe was born first and first 5 days she was great.
Brother came along and then things changed.
When she first got here she had a cloudy eye so the guy we got her from gave her a shot of Vitamin B which cleared it up.
But then she started to have this foamy yellow poop.
Fecal came back negative.
She is a little wild girl so when we have to pick her up she does fight us. She started losing some fur and we attributed it to when wed have to pick her up and shed fight that it would just rub off.
BUT Im beginning to think otherwise.
She is healthy, active, great appetite and more.
The poop sometimes doesnt have the foam but its still soft but shes losing more of her little orange fawn hair.
Could it be a vitamin deficiency?
Shes on whole milk (red cap) and thats what I always give my babies but shes got me stumped.
I dont wanna just start pumping her full of stuff she may not need but obviously dont want her unhealthy either.
Or maybe shes just losing her coat faster than brother?

Kloras Jul 22nd 2021 01:06 AM

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