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NAWPS May 29th 2011 06:41 PM

Texas A&M scientific study

For those that are not aware, NAWPS designs and installs mid pressure insect misting systems. We specifically designed our new system around deer breeders specific needs.

Texas A&M will be conducting a scientific study on the benefits of our system. This study will be done by Dr. Alfonso Clavijo, Dr. John Dedwylder and Dr. Dan McBride. The study will have 2 pens of 13 yearling does in each. One will have the system and be protected, the other will not be protected. TVMDL will pull blood from all deer in each pen on a monthly basis and check for the presence of titers to EHD/ Blue Tongue. The study will also measure feed consumption and visual signs of stress.

Our customers already know, our system eliminates the insect population, promotes a lower stress environment and better eating. Now this will be evidenced by the study. We are very excited and would like to share these results as they come in.

If you would like updates via email? Please email me

If you would like to follow us on Facebook ? We currently have a Facebook page setup for NAWPS.

We will also be publishing tne results of the study in industry publications.

Thank You for your interest.

Paul Dodrill


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