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Old Sep 9th 2017, 01:48 PM   #1
  Sep 2017
  North carolina
~5 mos old white tail not able to use back legs

Have a ~5mos old white tail foe that is alert and eating and peeing and pooping. I have had her for 2 days. I help her stand.. She can use the front legs but rear ones don't move. She could be injured but i see no obvious injury.. But its possible she's injured but.. No blood no gore. Shes alert crawls with her front legs bent. She is not crying.. I can touch her carry her. Ears all perky.. Alittle afraid not overly.
I can use help with maybe to give her something or what to do. My vet won't see her and the rehab said they'd put her down.. Id like you give her a chance if there is one. Please advise
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Old Sep 19th 2017, 05:38 PM   #2
  Sep 2017
I also have a 4mo old buck in kind of the same predicament. 8 weeks ago I found him sprawled out unable to move his back half at all! Was worried it was a broken back! I read online to try a pinch test just above the hoof! If you got some movement there was hope (if your fingers doesn't bring movement try pliers) He did respond to my fingers! I started to do different therapy movements with his legs also massaging! We have a local chiropractor that was willingly to look at him! He adjusted him and after that we seen a huge difference! That was 2weeks after the injury! He now has good muscle tone in his back legs is able to move his legs and stand if I balance him can move an stretch his tail! He can't get up by himself and he can't stand by himself! But we have definitely made progress and am still working towards a full recovery!! I was gonna mention he did have 1 maybe 2 broken ribs and obviously a lot of nerve damage! Basically it requires ALOT of TIME and PATIENCE! We did give Dex and banamine for the first couple of weeks! Good luck with your fawn and I hope she can recover!
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Old Jul 12th 2021, 01:50 PM   #3
  Jul 2021
2 Month old Fawn same situation!

What was the outcome for the Fawn. We have the same situation. Sunday witnessed a fawn running and fell down a bank unable to stand up. All is well very healthy just back legs. Hoping you get this reply so we can see what happened to yours. TkS
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