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mtman Jun 11th 2015 08:25 AM

I have a 1 yr old buck. He was in excellent health all winter. Since spring he has gone downhill. He never shed his winter coat or buttons . Hes lost a lot of weight. We tested and he has barberpole worms. Treated him with Cydectin twice 12 days apart as well as 2 shots of draxil cause he also has some type of infection going on. he had a small puss spot on the side of his jaw but it healed up about 3 weeks ago .Now he just got a golfball size lump on the side of his jaw. I lanced it but its very hard and couldn't squeeze anything out. He was very enimic but his lower eyelids are getting a little pink back in them. Any suggestions would be great.

Bell Jun 11th 2015 03:23 PM

Vaccinate and boost him with the Pnue-vac2 vaccine. Give him 2cc of Draxxin subQ then again seven days later. Add probiotics in his feed for a month.

mtman Jun 11th 2015 04:34 PM

Bell thanks for the info. I just gave him the Draxxin and hes been on probiotics. Ill try to get the Pnue-vac2 tomorrow.* Thanks again Bill

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