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Old Jun 21st 2011, 06:48 AM   #1
  Jul 2010
  Broken Bow Okla
2 of our buck fawns(over a month old) have contracted "lumpy jaw" or so we have been told. These fawns have been treated with Penicillin in the mouth, on site, between shoulders & in muscle. Not a noticable difference in thier appearance yet, as its not even been a week since we treated those 2 buck fawns initially.

The fawn that passed away(3 weeks old) was the only doe fawn we didnt pull to bottle feed thus for she was left in the same pen with the other buck fawns & does. Possibly exposing her to the same "illness" or "viral" issue as the buck fawns?

The fawn we lost last night was born with a twin sister that died from unknown causes @ 3 days old (no bloating, no signs at all). This fawn

has been active daily since birth. Extremely healthy from what we could tell.

Since the buck fawns were our first warning sign of something going wrong, we have paid alot more attention than we already thought we were by walking the pens out more a day, walking up to each fawn as close as permitted to evaluate by sight or binoculars and then counting down to check numbers. This fawn was NOT at all showing any signs of distress in any form or fashion. She was alert and eating. NO SIGNS of knots on her face or Jaw. Yesterday morning David walked the pen with no problems, later that afternoon we went out together, again NO problems...

Around 7 pm our neighors children called wanting to see the deer. I offered to walk them through the pens. I immediately noticed a fawn laying in an odd position so I walked up to find She had 2 lumps on each side of her face(not under her chin) that almost made her look alien like as she looked at me head on. Her eyes, to me, looked protruded slightly. I did not notice at the time if she was bloated but I did notice she was slow to her feet as I was almost within grabbing distance before she got up. Immediately, I contacted David and he was home within 20 mins. we walked the pen but were not able to locate her due to low light so we decided to come back at dark and find her.

She put forth no fight when catching her.

*Noticed SEVERE BLOAT which I assumed was full from eating.

*Laying flat on her side but never getting up on her feet.

*Tried stimulation with no success at all!

*2 lumps on each side of her jaw associated with a stench upon opening her mouth to evaluate.

I noticed she was shaking on and off, eyes dry and sunk in & Dehydrated severly.

We administered infant gas drops, pedialyte for electrolytes, treated her with 2 cc Penicillin in each knot, 2 cc in muscle, 2 cc between & 1 cc in mouth & gave her probiotic paste. She fought hard to stay alive but unfortunately passed away 2 hours later.

I hope I have covered the basics so that someone with experience can at least give us some insight to the problem here!

Thank you for listening!

Shanna W.
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Old Jun 21st 2011, 07:53 AM   #2
 La. Bone Collector's Avatar
  Aug 2009
  Winnsboro, LA
Sorry to hear about losing them fawns. Sounds like you were on the right track with the antibiotics. I want to bring something to your attention as well as anyone reading this thread. I was told by a scientist that is also a deer farmer that when you encounter lumpy jaw (hands on) you need latex gloves on because the bacteria in the fluid filled area can affect us as humans!!!!! I do not know what it will do to us but his suggestions were to try and draw out the fluid in the knot with a 16-18ga syringe. Afterwards pack it with a product called SWAT. This will have healing for the wound and repelling capabilities for maggot laying flies. The fawn would need a shot of fusoguard and penecillin. It just sounds like you were too late to pick up on the signs and symptoms,it happens to everyone. Hope I have helped-Jason DCW
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Old Jun 21st 2011, 01:37 PM   #3
  Jul 2010
  Broken Bow Okla
That makes sense on the lumpy jaw but how do you KNOW for sure its the real Lumpy Jaw and not something else resembling the disease.?

Then, how do we explain the "Bloat" I mean she literally developed both of these issues in a matter of hours and was dead by morning!

The other 2 fawns we treated for lumpy jaw seem to be improving (knock on wood) and no other issues thus far with any of our other fawns but watching them like a hawk!

Like I said in the original post. The fawn we lost this morning was a twin. Her twin died @ around 72 hours after birth(5/30/11) with no visibal signs of trama,no bite marks, no cuts, no abscess or visibal infection,no open wounds,no fever,no bloat, no swollen lymph nodes, was eating throughout the day on mother, was not constipated to the naked eye, etc..

We administered probiotic fawn paste at 24 hours, weighed her (8.9 lbs) alert, best looking set of doe fawns on the farm in my opinion. We checked the fawns at 2:30 that day, left for about an hour & returned home to hear her "crying" from the pen. She was way past saving & died about 10 minutes after finding her. We heard it could have been a possible tear in the fawns intestinal tract when coming through the birth canal so it was probably not going to make it no matter what we would have done.

With that said; and now that is other womb doe fawn has expired , my concerns branch out. Could this possibly be something Genetic? Something within the womb that was contracted through vegetation thus causing intestinal problems? Or just unlucky set of doe fawns that were just "born looking for a place to die"?
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Old Jun 21st 2011, 05:28 PM   #4
  Jun 2011
  Decatur, Texas
For prevention next year, vaccinate does with fusogaurd 1 cc per deer, For treatment of trench mouth-fawns, 0.5 cc tetradure per 10 lbs im and repeat in 7 days, if not better in 5-7 days (most clear in 2-3days) try NaI ( 0.6 cc per 10 lbs IV!!!) May need a vet for this treatment and repeat in 14 days.. Trench mouth- Fusobcaterium/ mycobacterium spp- try to clean and remove white plaques and clean with nolvasan.. Fawns can be sedated and sedate well with dexdormitir IM and reverse great with antisedan.. Trench mouth is very painful and you can use hurricane spray(human meds) daily for 3 days, which numbs the mouth, or tramadol at 2 mg per pound twice a day, works great in bottle fawns for pain... Lumpy jaw-"soft abscesses on jaws mainly in fawns- treatment= 0.5cc tetradure im and repeat in 7 days, you do not have to always open these abscesses to drain-contagious and to environment as well, Good luck, God bless
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Old Jun 22nd 2011, 06:13 AM   #5
  Dec 2009
I have a 6 week old fawn who has lumpy jaw i have tried LA 200 and albon with no success then i tried 1/2cc draxin 1/2cc baytil then it must have popped last night so i cleaned it all out and gave 1 1/2cc baytil and sprayed anticeptic spray. is there anything else that i need to do about the small whole and how long should i give baytil and at what doses? thanks
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Old Jun 22nd 2011, 09:26 AM   #6
  Jun 2011
  Decatur, Texas
Once the abscess busts, clean with soap and water and squirt some strOng tincture iodine in it and you are done should heal in a few wks La 20O is not the same as tetradure. Tetradure is 300 mg per ml and lasts 7 days.
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Old Jun 6th 2012, 07:50 AM   #7
  Aug 2010
How to treat lumpy jaw, trench mouth...
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Old Jun 6th 2012, 07:55 AM   #8
  Jul 2010
i have used 1 cc sub q of excede two years in a row now. working great. follow up shot 3-4 days later.
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Old Sep 6th 2012, 01:30 PM   #9
  May 2009
Newport Labs in Minnesota has a new vaccine thats I Believe treats 2 respiratory diseases, and EHD blue tongue as well as lumpy jaw.
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Old Nov 17th 2020, 06:59 AM   #10
  Nov 2020
I am really sorry to hear that.

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