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Old Jul 22nd 2012, 09:18 PM   #1
  Apr 2009
  Sullivan,MO 63080
I have a buck that was very congested in the head and had thick chunks of puss looking stuff coming out of his nose and he had lots off drool hanging from his mouth and looks like he is breathing heavy. He also had watery diarreha. I gave him draxxin, dex, banimine, and b-12 a few days ago and today gave him the same plus some baytril. He started looking better after the first medication. He has cleared up the congestion in his head and stopped drooling and his stool is more like a paste now instead of being watery. He does still breath a little hard when walking around but its also 100 degrees here. The breathing is a little harder than the other deer in the pen when doing the same thing. The weird thing is both times we sedated him his antlers felt cold to the touch can't say I ever remember them feeling cold on any other deer before. The first time he was sedated temperature was 103 today it was just a little over 101. He is also getting up walking around more and is starting to eat again. We also had two fawns in the same pen that was really congested in the head and drooling and felt bad. We gave them a little draxxin and excede and they where almost back to normal in a couple of days.They didn't have diarreha like the buck. Was just wondering if anyone else had any problems this year like this. There is lots of dust haven't had any rain much in two months and very hot. The vet said cows get bacterial pneumonia in the summer when it gets hot and dry and dusty maybe thats what was wrong with the fawns.The cold antlers is what puzzled me the most. Thank you guys for your time sorry it so long.
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Old Jul 23rd 2012, 03:17 AM   #2
  Jul 2010
  Broken Bow Okla
sounds like pneumonia to me ,just had a doe recover from it it sounds like your on the right track of treatment just make sure he doesn't get dehydrated,you might try some exceed also,best of luck
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Old Jul 27th 2012, 05:16 PM   #3
  Mar 2012
  Stover, MO
Same symptoms as EHD and Blue Tounge.

Your treatment is spot on.

Only thing I would add is that if you knock him down again, pull blood and have it tested. They can get results in 48 hours. Very important so you know whether to get your entire herd on anibiotics.

Also, consider icing him down to pull his fever out fast next time you put him down.

EHD, late stage effects the vascular system. Could be low blood flow to the antler causing the cold touch???????
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Old Jul 30th 2012, 03:21 PM   #4
  Apr 2009
  Sullivan,MO 63080
The buck is doing good he is pooping pellets again and seems to be eating good and stopped drooling and breathing hard and congestion has cleared up. He did lose some noticeable weight during the ordeal. The fawns are doing a lot better to. The vet thought it could have been from all the dust and dry weather we are having here. He said a lot of cows get summer pneumonia when it gets like this and its really bad this year. You said to have the blood tested can they test it for EHD? Is that something your normal vet can do or do you have to send it off somewhere special for that. I was hoping it wasn't EHD don't really have any trouble with midge flies here no standing water or ponds for at least 3/4 of a mile and always keep stuff in the water troughs so nothing can breed in them during the summer. The cold antlers was just weird don't now if they are still cold after he has gotten better. Thanks again for your reply
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Old Jul 30th 2012, 07:33 PM   #5
  Mar 2012
  Stover, MO
I drive my samples to the University Vet school for testing. Your local Vet can mail it, just takes a few more days.

I was worried about EHD, but its similar to B/T. We have a mister system in all our pens that are timed to spray 14 times per day. Its hard to find a fly, let alone a mig in our pens. But, with that said!

I have had some animals get sick in the last few days. Im use to dealing with pneumonia during the hot dry weather, but these guys just didnt seem right. The first one I tested showed + for blue tongue.

Im going to cover the symtoms then my treatment. Please dont trust my treatment, although its working perfect for me, consult your vet!!!!!!

My deer are breathing heavy/ mouth open when its still cool.

Looking confused.

Walking lightly, which I think is sore joints from fever.

constant blinking.

Arched back.

Just over all odd acting.

3 out of the 5 I have treated have had a temp over 105.9

Its the high temp that kills them!

The only way to check the temp is to sedate them. Its hot, and there sick, bad time. But, an ounce of treatment is worth a pound of cure.

Here is what I do.

If they show 2 or more of the signs.

I dart them.

Check temp ( First thing to do)

If its infection high, I immediately place them on a tarp. Put bags of ice covering there entire body. ( due to ambient ground temp, I put a garden hose under them to carry the cool from the ice)

Start fluids, subQ. ( I do subQ because EHD and B/T compramise the vascular system) I add Dextrose to my ringer solution.

I administer

4cc dexajet per 100lb im

5cc exceed per 100 subQ

6cc vitB complex subQ

Then I continue the fluids and sedation until the fever drops to 101.

I follow up daily, dex one day, draxxine the next. ( dart) for 6 days.

If they dont have the fever, I just give the first treatment and reverse when its time. Then follow up with draxxine in 2 days. Watching there systems to see if I need to include medication to help them.

I hope this helps. Im early in this but its working perfect for me. I think the biggest thing is the ice bath if they have a high temp. Cool them fast and it helps greatly.

Id be interested to here any comments or success stories.
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