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  Apr 2009

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OK...I need to vent...

I came home last night to find my neighbor having a party with about 40 cars all up and down the road...So I go to check my deer and the more skittish pen is fine.

My next pen (14 doe and 1 buck)... I can't see yet because they are behind a 10'2 solid wall I hear my doe alert/psst snort... most friendly girls tails up running from me... My deer are used to most things we use 4 wheelers, tractors, and trucks in the pens ect ...they had my deer running the interior fence lines they had to see them scared...

Did they do it on purpose?

Chase them with a dog?

Three of my girls striped the hair off their necks the whole way from hitting the fence(is it me or does s*** hit the fan for everybody in fawning season?)

I stayed up all night making sure nobody fawned yet because of far so good ...

Am I in the clear or could the stress of running so hard still kick in and hurt the fawns?

Thunder Valley I will be ordering more of your signs...

Do you have any specificially pertaining to stupid people?

Sorry Happy Mothers day

but the deer mommy in me wants to go kick butt... Deep breath in let it out
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  Apr 2009
  Fombell PA

I hear what your saying about the crap hitting the fan during fawning season.....unfortunately when you have neighbors their not going to respect the fact that you have whitetails and their surely not going to change the way they live because of it........................I really don't think putting up signs is going to help your cause.....If i had neighbors i would be building a barrier wall between them and my deer this way they can't do anything to alarm them.......yeah it might be expensive.....but so are your deer and the loss of one of your better deer may hurt your pocket book more than the expense of the fence! Just my thoughts! i hope all works out ok for you.
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