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Old May 29th 2011, 07:24 AM   #1
  Feb 2011
  Glen Elder, KS
just got two buck fawns,one weighted 4lb 15 oz, the other 4lb 8 oz, along with a mummified fetus. i pulled both to bottle feed as it is raining and cold here in nc Kansas. the other reason being, this doe had a hard time adjusting to my place,i received her the 2nd of april and thought i was going to lose her. she basiclly quit eating and lost ALOT of weight. i treateded her twice about a week apart before she came aroud and started eating as she is still thin i thought it best to bottle feed the fawns. this doe has not shed her hair like my other doe has, any thoughts on why? both treated the same,half gallon of a grain mix,good leafy alfalfa daily,and smooth brome growing in the pen. i been changing their water at least twice a week.the other doe that has shed gets an apple a day,however the doe that has not shed just seems to be a fussy eater.they also have some cattle mineral in there pen along with salt,but neither seem to use either. anyway, any suggestions on what she is missing or needs?

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Old May 29th 2011, 07:59 AM   #2
  Apr 2009
  Carrollton, MO
Tom-I have a 2 year-old buck and another yearling buck that are both doing the same thing, both born and raised on my farm. They're starting to shed, but both have had issues with scours off and on their entire lives. This probably isn't helping, just know there are more out there doing the same thing.
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Old May 29th 2011, 07:12 PM   #3
 Antlershed's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  cental Pennsylvania

Cervid: taxidermy
My deer are healthy but some have held on to some winter hair longer than they have in any other years i can remember. Most are shed out, or at least 90% or more shed, but there is 3-4 of my does that still have a fair amount of winter hair, no scours, and they eat fine, and appear to be in perfect health. they are just clinging on to it longer this year, must be the prolonged wet spring or something in nature that is delaying their normal shedding behavior, i have even seen wild deer in the past few days with alot of winter hair still.
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Old May 29th 2011, 07:44 PM   #4
 Four Seasons Whitetails's Avatar
  Oct 2009
  upstate ny

Cervid: Whitetail Deer
We have one that has a huge amount of winter hair yet!!! She is a last years fawn.All others are about 90% summer hair.I dont know if its the weather or not but if its the rain i think she will be real warm all summer!
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Old May 29th 2011, 09:51 PM   #5
  May 2010
  Kinmundy Illinois
All of my younger deer have lost there winter hair but a few of my older doe's still have a lot of winter hair on
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Old May 30th 2011, 04:55 PM   #6
  Apr 2009
  Central Illinois
Some of ours have alot of winter hair left and others are totally shed. We have a few that are stripped like a zebra with old and new coat alternating. It has been cold and wet for awhile but it looks like summer has arrived as temps heading into the 90's this week. Rick
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Old May 31st 2011, 11:20 AM   #7
  May 2009
  Northwest Illinois
Tom l, although deer lose their hair at different times due to their individualism, if winter hair stays on for a prolonged time it is a sign of poor health. And because i have deer ranging in age from 15 years old to 1 year old that have to much of their winter hair left on, I don't believe it is any one thing in particular, just that their not in good health for whatever reason. These are all deer that I've had to treat recently and that are still not carrying the flesh the other deer are. And because of the variance in ages, gender, and pens, it's hard for me to believe they all have the same thing wrong. I assumed you have wormed her when you brought her home, so I would dart her every 4 to 5 days with draxin 2 to 3 times. And if you knock her down for whatever reason or the next time you do, I would give her 10 to 12cc or C&D antitoxin. Good luck!
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Old Jun 1st 2011, 04:41 AM   #8
  Feb 2011
  Glen Elder, KS
thanks for the input guys! fawns are doing good,nursing like champs this morning.

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