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Old Jul 5th 2016, 03:46 PM   #1
  Sep 2009

I am wanting to know what deer farmers with small farms are doing to prevent EHD in their herds. Is there something to keep the midges from coming to the farm? Is there a spray available that really works? What about vaccines to prevent EHD?
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Old Jul 5th 2016, 09:04 PM   #2
  May 2015

I have only 10 deer so far, they come for their goodies each evening (apples, carrots, bread, etc.),that's the time*I spray them with permethrin or get Ivermectin pour on if possible. The tame ones that I can pet get spot on stuff for dogs, like frontline etc.* It helps to keep all bugs/flies off of the animals. I figure, if the bugs stay off my deer, they are less likely to catch disease. No standing water in the pens, they get fresh water*in buckets as needed, always rinsing buckets out well. So far, I've been blessed, no disease here, though I have a creek running about 40 yards. next to the pens. I don't like the thought of spraying the pens, would be wasted money to start with as it has been raining quite a bit the last while and insects might get resistant too. At times I spread lime though, helps with smell, bugs, and fertilizes.

Hope this gives you some ideas.
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Old Jul 6th 2016, 12:52 PM   #3
  Feb 2015
  United States
I have a small farm, 17 deer.. I change water DAILY!! No problems yet. Fingers crossed knock on wood.
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Old Jul 7th 2016, 01:16 AM   #4
  Jan 2011
  Houston, Texas

Some facts for thought...


Fogging, spraying, drip lines etc may help but it does nothing for the underside of a deer's body.


EHD does not transfer from adult to egg it has to be brought in.* Granted a gnat can be carried miles in the wind... However once you have an infected animal either neighboring or on your place you have a host spreading the virus. Thus the midge alone does no harm to your animals.* There has to be an instance of a midge feeding on an infected animal then feeding on your deer to spread the virus.


Midge gnats are born in the mud not water.
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Old Aug 20th 2017, 07:05 AM   #5
  Aug 2017

I have a 2 year old buck showing signs of EHD. Can flies bite him then bite another deer and infect them? No other deer are showing any signs of sickness. I was thinking of putting him down and burying carcass to save the other deer.
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