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Old Jun 30th 2013, 06:05 PM   #16
  Apr 2009
  Amsterdam, Ohio
I`ve mentioned this in the old forums but people bottle feeding it is a very good Idea to keep on hand from your vet is SMZs . This is the only safe drug i know of that will treat our issues of ecoli and coccidia . Trimethreprim to treat ecoli and sulfamethoxazole will treat coccidia. Comes in cherry and Grape flavors . You can take it yourself it`s very safe. Just what i`ve treated with for years. Mother raised fawns need checked daily to see if they are getting lathargic. If they don`t wanna run check them out and if they don`t act right suspect Ecoli or salmonila . In deer farming he who hesitates has lost. I`m not being rude I`m just telling you to be very vigalant in knowing when things aren`t right with these little guys.
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Old Jun 30th 2013, 07:01 PM   #17
  Jul 2009
Mitch has it, "he who hesitates is lost". I've always said when you realize you have a problem you are already two days behind the curve.
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Old May 23rd 2021, 08:31 AM   #18
  May 2021
  Western Kentucky
Need help fawn with diarrhea lots of mucus and small amount of blood

I am a wildlife rehabber with a fawn brought to me with diarrhea. It has progressively gotten worse. Vet has me giving half pedialyte and half formula since it would not take just pedialyte or watered down pedialyte. Also infant gas drops since it is starts to get a round belly with only 2oz of feeding. It is still the same only now a very small amount of blood in stool here and there. Any suggestions on what i can do to help this little guy? It kinda hunkers up after it eats gets a bellyache every time it acts like. I donít want to loose him . I would appreciate any help anyone can give
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Old May 29th 2022, 11:51 AM   #19
  May 2022
  Atlanta Ga
Post Infant fawn

Abandoned fawn. Emaciated, coved in ticks and bloody stool. All rescue numbers I called are closed for the Memorial Day Holiday.

I have on a heating pad, feeding pedialyte & goat milk mix.
I bought Corid. I think from reading here, I should add Ĺ cc to my 5 ounce bottle. He isnít drinking that much. Maybe Ĺ oz every 3 hours at this point.

I found him finally after hearing him cry all night long, I got him inside, he had fixed and dilated eyes. Iím in a very urban woodsy area. Deer jump my fence and cross through the neighborhood to go from one water spot to another. I think the mother had the baby on the wrong side of the fence and then he was stuck.

Iíll keep him in my backyard where they cross and one day he will rejoin the herd. It is what it is. Nature is ever changing landscape for animals. This has made me want to plant some fruit trees to provide food for them.
Meanwhile, I need to clear up the tiny worms and bloody stool.

Any and all recommendations welcome.
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blood, fawn, stool

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