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Fawn Care

I’m new here. This is not deer farming related but this is whitetail fawn related.
So my father is a game warden here and my mother applied for her rehabbers permit some years ago because of the many different species of injured or abandoned wildlife brought in by my father. We have always raised animals even before the permit it’s just always been a family thing we did. Growing up I learned all about raising wildlife from squirrels to fox and more. But we are all avid deer hunters and because of that we made the choice to never get involved with fawns. There’s always been somewhere else for them to go. Now with CWD, the restrictions for fawns going to rehabs outside of CWD zones is prohibited here. My mother being the only rehaber in this county was forced to take this fawn or have it put down.
Now this fawn was chased and mildly attacked by dogs. When he was found he was on his side stretched out, stiff as a board and non reactive. Once he was cooled off and calm he came to and flipped out, naturally. We looked him over for injuries and aside from a broken rib he had minor cuts and dog bites. The next day after seeing the fawn was very much capable of being returned to the mother we took him to the exact place he was found. He screamed out several times and we watched for mama to return. Decided to leave him for an extended time in hopes she would return. She never did. We came to the conclusion that either the mother was chased out of range along with the fawn and they likely got too far separated. So we went back and got him. The broken rib looks to be healing pretty well and the other injuries look wonderful and are 99% healed. We had to remove numerous ticks from his ears mostly and he seems to have broken out into a rash on his ears. Us not having any experience in fawns and limit resources online, we are struggling to figure out if it’s a reaction to the tick infestation or possibly an allergy to the goats milk replacer. He’s taken a bottle wonderfully from day one, pees and poops regularly with stimulation. We fought thru diarrhea the first week but with a little pepto and pumpkin he now has perfect poop. And let me tell you we celebrated over that! So my question lies within the possible allergic reaction he’s having on his ears. Has anybody had anything similar? What would be your recommended course of action in clearing it up, etc. any advice on the matter or any other tips and tricks to sustaining a healthy fawn would be highly appreciated! So far Charlie boy is doing great but we have a long road ahead with him only being estimated at a few weeks old. It’s a tiring job and very much different from what we are used to lol I’m posting some pics from his first outing today since his rescue. He did wonderful. I took him to various bushes and shrubs our wild yard deer enjoy and he went to town. He’s been given fresh black dirt and forage since he’s been with us and chows down so he’s on the right track.
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