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Old Aug 15th 2015, 11:57 AM   #1
  Apr 2014
  Reform AL

My bottle feed fawns are only pooping once a day, Trying warm towels, should I be concerned? any suggestions?
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Old Aug 15th 2015, 01:06 PM   #2
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  Apr 2009
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Every time I look at my fawns one or more are doing their job.* I keep bottle fawns in groups of four.* Mine get about 10 pounds a day of pellets and clean that up*and free choice alfalfa cut fresh every day.* My guess right now is my fawns are eating 3 pounds of good food plus two bottles*of day of milk.* They average about thirty to thirty five pounds.* They were born the first week of June.* Without other information on what you are feeding the only thing that comes to my mind is they are not getting enough food.
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Old Aug 15th 2015, 02:02 PM   #3
  Apr 2014
  Reform AL

They are only a week old.
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Old Aug 15th 2015, 06:37 PM   #4
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  Jul 2009
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I poop mine once a day. Works for me. Not as runny
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Old Aug 17th 2015, 03:42 PM   #5

Do they act constipated?* Do they seem to hunch up and push and nothing happens, or are they acting normal?* One thing I have learned from bottling babies is that they each have their own quirks.* I had one boy one poop once a day, and it was the size of a dime -and he did this for the first month of his life -he seemed to be defying the laws of physics!* He's probably over 2 months now, big and healthy, and poops regular pellets now.* I had one girl who was constiptaed for several days, and then finally pooped out pellets and has been fine since.

If they do seem constipated, I know you can give enemas (you can use the kits they have for people).* I haven't tried it myself, nor would it be my first course of action, but I heard from another deer farmer who bottle raises their deer that they use a 3cc syringe with just a drop of dish soap and warm water, and flush it into the colon (hold you finger over it to help keep the water in at first).* Just as eating soap will give you the poops, it has the same effect in fawns apparently.* I'd go with an enema kit first though before resorting to the soap method.
Old Aug 17th 2015, 05:27 PM   #6
  Apr 2014
  Reform AL

Finally got them pooping at least once a day, now I have one that want take a bottle, she acts normal, pees and poops any advice? Thanks!
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Old Aug 17th 2015, 07:32 PM   #7

I assume you meant she won't take the bottle?

I'm struggling with some babies myself to get started on the bottle (we pulled him late because we couldn't tell if his mom was taking care of him or not).

Sometimes just letting them get hungry is one of the best things.* You don't want to be the bad guy and not feed them, but if they get hungry enough, it's definitely motivation once they get that first taste of milk in their mouth.* Sometimes it helps to have someone stimulate the fawn while another puts the bottle in their mouth, that way the stimulation will hopefully trigger that nursing reflex.

Also, fawns like hair.* I have long hair, and I have let my hair down and let a hungry fawn nose through my hair, then try to sneak the nipple in their mouth.* Or you can offer and earlobe and while they suckle on it, try to have someone else go from behind and sneak the nipple into their mouth.


My one baby boy hates the nipple and fights me, but he loves a hard plastic syringe to get his milk.* Right now I am offering/ sticking the bottle in his mouth and holding it there until he fights it out, but once he gets hungry enough he hopefully grabs on and learns to suckle.
Old Aug 18th 2015, 06:59 PM   #8
  Apr 2014
  Reform AL

Thanks for your comments, sounds like you have some experience with this, she is eating better now, I think she will be ok, Thanks again.
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Old Aug 20th 2015, 10:42 AM   #9
  Aug 2015
  West Texas
I'm new to being a deer mom also. I have a 5wk old fawn and she seems happy and healthy. Has been taking the bottle great till last night. When I went to feed her she started turning away from her bottle. I have no idea why this behavior started and if it's something I did that caused it. I even threw out the goats milk thinking maybe it was a bad batch and opened a new carton for her. Still did the same thing this morning when I went to bottle feed. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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Old Aug 20th 2015, 04:37 PM   #10
  Jul 2012

I would take it's temperature and then go from there.
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Old Aug 20th 2015, 08:24 PM   #11
  May 2015

My bottle baby did just that, but she is in with the does, sisters, and buck fawns and I know she sneaks milk from the does. Suddenly she didn't like the bottle nipple anymore. First she drank less than a bottle, then refused it altogether. I just pour the milk in a dish now and it does disappear. She has been eating*feed and treats (apples, pears) all along and is plump. Is yours able to sneak milk from a doe?
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Old May 23rd 2021, 07:37 PM   #12
  May 2021
Hi, new here. I'm concerned about my fawn being constipated also. Only poops one to 2 pellet shaped somewhat firm poops a day. Seems a little bloated Maybe but i could just be freaking myself out. Read I should add mineral oil to bottle? Only about 7 to 10 days old, takes bottle great eating about 5 oz every 4 to 5 hrs.
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