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Old Aug 8th 2012, 08:25 AM   #1
  Aug 2012
  Eastern CA
Hello! I'm new here, so I'm tried looking for answers and didn't have much luck. I have two white tail does who live around my house that have two separate health problems, one of them quite serious.

Cutear, the more serious one, looks to have been hit by a car, (not seriously) this was about a week and a half ago. Her scabs are starting to finally flake off of her back and butt, but now she is having other problems. A few days ago, she started barfing... a lot. She has always eaten tomatoes and apples from me, and now I've stopped since she can't keep them down. The weird thing is is when she barfs, the food isn't coming up, it is a white foamy stuff. I went back to feeding her bread and willow trees and she seems to be keeping that down now, finally! Unfortunately, she has lost a lot of weight since then, and is now having some bad diarrhea. She is finally starting to introduce fruit back into her system, but she won't eat enough to start putting the weight on again. My questions are, do you think something happened during her accident to screw up her digestive system, what would be a good thing to try and feed her to bulk back up, and if she continues the diarrhea what can I give her to try and stop it? Remember, she is wild, but she hangs at my house almost everyday, so she isn't always around.

My second deer, not as serious as a problem, has a huge lump on her front right knee. It seems to have finally stopped growing, it is the size of a tennis ball, and it doesn't seem to completely hinder her walking yet. Maybe there is something I can do? Again, she is wild as well, and currently has two baby fawns with her.

Thanks so much for any help!
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Old Aug 8th 2012, 08:41 AM   #2
  Jul 2009
quit feeding her bread, tomatoes, apples, etc. Their stomach(rumen) has to develop enzymes to process new foods, it takes a while. Get her some balanced deer feed, chop down small trees for her to eat on.
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Old Aug 8th 2012, 09:29 AM   #3
  Aug 2012
  Eastern CA
Originally Posted by dtala
quit feeding her bread, tomatoes, apples, etc. Their stomach(rumen) has to develop enzymes to process new foods, it takes a while. Get her some balanced deer feed, chop down small trees for her to eat on.

Thanks dtala. It's hard trying to get her to eat 'wild' things persay, and my research about their digestive system made it even harder. I appreciate the response!
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Old Aug 8th 2012, 06:56 PM   #4
  Aug 2010
Unless you can dart her with some antibiotics like Draxxin (longer lasting), or try to add some antibiotics into her feed (See Purina Deer Chow or Antlermax), there's little medical intervention you can do. If she takes water from you in a bucket, you might consider adding some electrolytes to help rehydrate her. All of these things you can buy at a feed store and absolutely you can ask them for advice there. Goat farmers in particular can offer the most relevant information b/c deer and goats share similar rumen physionomy. Similar being the key word there. Good luck. If you can, set out a bucket with some electrolytes in it. As for the deer with the swollen knee, the only thing that I can think of would be to again, give him some antibiotics and possibly some help with a dexamethasone-type corticosteroid. I am not telling you to do this, I am just thinking aloud...
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Old Aug 8th 2012, 07:08 PM   #5
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  Jun 2009
Try feeding her some oatmeal uncooked, if you get her eating that add some Probiotics or Acidophilus to it 1/2 pill smashed to a powder if she eats that for a couple days then go up too a full pill smashed and added to the oat meal.Alot of times the oatmeal will solid up there stool alone, if worms or cocci is not the cause.You can buy the Probiotics & Acidophilus caplets at Wallmart in vitamin area.
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Old Aug 11th 2012, 09:15 AM   #6
  Aug 2012
  Eastern CA
Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I got some deer chow and she is loving that. Quick update: She is starting to slowly gain weight again, but now her back right leg isn't right. She is having a hard time standing on it, and its a bit swollen. It's definitely now broken, but its not good either.
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