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Old May 29th 2020, 06:45 PM   #1
  May 2020
Injured wild fawn, wildlife rehabilitator need assistance

I want to preface this by saying I am a certified wildlife rehabilitator in my state. I work in conjunction with a vet, whom is currently on vacation in Alaska. His associate is going to try to work me in tomorrow, but there are no guarantees, so here I am.

The family that farms my ground, ran a fawn through the mower conditioner today in their hay field. She is alert, bright eyed, etc. But, she is non weight bearing on her hind legs. She will make a slight attempt, but she shakes and ends up going limp, this is when you stand her up. She does not try to stand on her own.

I can feel one break in her right hind, and have braced it. She did want to be more weight bearing when stood up. The left hind, I believe from feel is broken up by the pelvis or the pelvis itself is broken.

Let's be real here, what can I do? Are there ways to rehabilitate her and heal these fractures? I live on a very private dead end in the country, so there is a safe place to let her roam free without much worry, if this is something I can rehabilitate. Just need the guidance.

She does not appear to be in pain, she isn't making too much noise unless you start trying to manipulate, move, and palpate the hind in. You can feel muscle response when you are messing with her back legs, and she has control of her tail. This only happened just a few hours ago.
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Old Jun 4th 2020, 10:40 AM   #2
  Mar 2020
My instinct would be to say this this depends heavily on the placement and severity of the breaks, but a positive outcome may be possible. The vet is probably in the best position to make a call after examining the animal, but I realize that doesn't help you much in the immediate term.

This animal will need to be bottle fed in the immediate term (surely you knew this already). Depending on the breaks, they may or may not be "healable". Keep in mind that can does not necessarily imply should. This could be (and likely will be) a situation that the animal can be "saved" but would never be fit for release. If the animal isn't in pain, then there is no harm in waiting for a vet to evaluate, but unless someone is prepared to care for this fawn for the next 7-12 years it may very well be the most humane course to euthanize. Releasing a damaged or weakened animal to the wild amounts to not much more than providing live feed to the local coyote pack, and I assure you their methods are not humane in the slightest.
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