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Old Jun 8th 2009, 07:50 PM   #1
  May 2009
(6/1/09) I had a 3 week old fawn hanging 3-3.5 feet in my fence face down. I brought him in and gave him pedialyte, .1cc of dexamethozon, .1 cc of banamine, and .5 cc of penicillin. His swelling went down (temporarily) but tendons in the back legs were weak so I put splints on them and it working great I was able to take one off and the other splint will come off today. But I am having to bottle raise him.

He ate good for 3 days then stopped 6/5/09. At the end of the day I tubed him with 4oz of pedialyte and 4 oz of my milk mixture.

(By not eating, he takes 2 gulps then closes his mouth cause the rest of the milk to fall to the floor. I have tried differnt types of nipples at different hardness)

On 6/6/09 at noon I gave him .3cc of banamine, .3cc of B12 then tubed him again that night because he didn’t eat again that day.

On 6/7/09 at noon I gave him .3cc of banamine and 7 cc of probios and tubed him again that night because he didn’t eat AGAIN but developed diarrhea. I gave him a recipe of 4 oz pedialyte, 4 oz milk mixture, 6 adult poop pellets, pinch of salt, 5cc SMZ, 1 teaspoon of fresh dirt, and 1 teaspoon of yogurt.

Today he received .3cc of banamine, .3 dexamethozon, .3 cc batral (sub-q). And had to tube him again tonight with same recipe as 6/7/09.

The swelling has gone down in his joint a little but the fawn is still stressed out and wont eat. The tendons in one “ankle” have tightened back up and the other leg hasn’t. I took the splints off both legs hoping maybe he’d eat. ANY IDEAS??? I'm tired of tubing him, but I don’t know what else to do.
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Old Jun 8th 2009, 08:12 PM   #2
  May 2009
Just my thoughts... The dex will suppress their appetite as will antibiotics. I would try stopping the dex and just using banamine for pain and swelling. How is his hydration? I have found when they are good and hydrated they feel better and tend to eat better. Maybe doing a subcu of 50-100 depending on his weight and putting a little pumpkin in the bottle to try and firm up the stool. With older fawns I have often put a nipple on a 20-30cc syringe and while rubbing the throat pushed very slowly to avoid aspiration. Also if they are starting to hit on food I try making a mash of formula, baby cereal and pumpkin with a little Karo on top (just enough to get them interested) and sometimes they will eat it out of the bowl. Good luck...
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  Sep 2021
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