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There is much truth in what Josh said.* It's easy to feel like you are over medicating but it's really not so I hope no one succumbs to that argument.* There is a lot of reasons why it is necessary to medicate as we do from not having 100 acre pens with a dozen deer in them to vermin climbing in their feed and water and the simple face that everything is off label and deer metabolize medications faster than other livestock,


I have yet to see anything work with a single dose going by the label recommendations.* The only single dose that worked miracle for a doe dang near killed her because someone read the label wrong and gave her 10 times the dose.* I was livid over the mistake, but the doe was given Dex to combat the OD and has been doing great since the next day.* Having a place in the southern US the 2 most valuable medications by far were Compounded Dex and Lactated Ringers.* I firmly believe without the lactated Ringers I would have lost 80% of my deer to EHD. Beyond that I cannot say definitively what has done the most for me, Baytril, Draxxin, Resflor, Nuflor, Zactrin, Excede, Micotil, LA 300, Penicillin, B12, Bovi Serum are all handy just off the top of my head... Having a system and deer that you can run every day and doctor for a multi day treatment seem to be more important than the medication used.*


What I would like to know is how people feel about alternating medications and combining them. Personally I like the idea of a multi day treatment of one or two medications then be done with it.* Recently we had some fawns with a cough and runny noses. While I was away for work they were given something every 4 to 7 days and the cough would only go away a couple days and come back.* When I came home we ran them every day, gave them Baytril and Draxxin for 4 days on the 5th day we gave them Baytril and Micotil 300.* Any of the deer that got worked up were also given a single shot w Thiamine, B Complex, and Tryptophan. Last I was told they were all doing well.* My biggest button buck was also given a liter of fluids 2 days in a row then he started laying down in the tunnel so I just straddled him and gave shots every day (he had to be bottle fed so he's that docile and we kept him and another inside).

TRUTH, I tried sending you a message but your inbox is full.
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Old Jan 24th 2015, 04:45 AM   #17
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I have never had a doe abort, to my knowledge. If they obviously need it they are getting it in my opinion. Its my go to because I know it works. As far as bucks, I have seen in decrease semen quality no doubt.
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  Oct 2020
I am just doing medicine and I can say that the most important thing is not to use pills to the maximum, only in rare cases. Although I am an opponent of traditional medicine, there was a grain of reason, as you may have noticed. For example, I really like Thai culture, after all, the basis of her medicine is massage, and this is really the most wonderful way to heal a person, I know from my own experience. I myself use the electronic pulse massager from because they perfectly relax, drive blood, help useful substances, and also open pores and remove toxins from the body , I recommend to everyone
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medications, pick

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