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Old Feb 7th 2012, 07:58 PM   #16
  Dec 2011
  Robertsdale, Ala
PLEASE put me on the list. I would love to see

what it does and give feedback.

Do you give this as an everyday maintance or at the first sign of an illness?

I am new, so I hope that you do not mind me chatting as well.

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Old Feb 20th 2012, 05:11 PM   #17
 Gehringer Deer Ranch's Avatar
  Jun 2010
  Fogelsville, PA

Cervid: Deer
I spoke to David Esh of Blue Mountain Whitetails today. He has used this Top Dressing on two different occasions with great success.

The first was on a sick buck fawn. The fawn was given antibiotics with no improvement. It was then given Micotil. The fawn showed a very slight improvement. David then gave the fawn Pathfinders Top Dressing. David saw a big improvement and the fawn fully recovered. I might add that this fawns twin had shown the same symptoms and died before this fawn got sick.

The second was on a yearling buck. The buck had shown signs of pneumonia. David said you could hear the fluid in his lungs. He had given the buck three treatments of Micotil. Once he began giving it the Top Dressing, the buck showed a big difference and the buck is now fully recovered.

Based upon David's experience with this Top Dressing, he said he would be placing his entire heard on this product. He said he's looking forward to a year where he doesn't lose a single animal. He feels that this product will give every deer on his farm the best opportunity to survive.

This is an awesome endorsement of Pathfinders Top Dressing from someone that is very well respected in this industry.

We'll be doing some of our own testing with this product in the very near future. We're anxiously awaiting the positive results on our own farm.

This product could very well be what the industry needs to ensure top health and physical condition for all of our animals. Better yet, less worry for each of us as owners/operators.

This is most certainly an up and coming product to watch!!!!
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Old Feb 20th 2012, 06:16 PM   #18
 Whitetail Sanctuary's Avatar
  May 2009
  Chillicothe, Missouri
I'm also using Larrys top dressing on my entire herd and can tell you I have been pleasantly surprised by the results. I was a little reluctant at first to try something on my deer based on Larry's testamony alone. But Larry was very confident in his product and so were the select group of fellows he had entrusted his product to. Thier stories were unflapable in thier faith in Larry and his product. I will keep everyone posted as we go along this year. One thing that has my attention is the lack of signs of pnuemonia this year in my fawns. this has been a VERY unusual year here for us with snaps of cold weather and then streaks of unseasonable warm days and damp nights and then at times this winter 30+ tempature swings with wind and rain. So far so good not one case or sign of it. So far I'm IMPRESSED!
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Old Feb 20th 2012, 06:34 PM   #19
  Jan 2012
  Fort Worth, TX
Ok now I'm curious. Tell me how to get this magic potion.
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Old Feb 22nd 2012, 06:26 PM   #20
 Gehringer Deer Ranch's Avatar
  Jun 2010
  Fogelsville, PA

Cervid: Deer

I spoke to Larry tonight an it sounds like your in contact with him.

He's a great guy!!

You won't find anyone more passionate about these awesome animals and their health!
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Old Feb 24th 2012, 05:05 AM   #21
  Dec 2011
  Mercersburg, PA
After careful consideration and the influx of calls and e-mail I have decided to market this product. I have filed for the patent and trademark name Bulletproof. I hope to be in operation by mid to late April 2012. This product will not be pre-packaged and setting on a shelf waiting to be sold it will be make fresh the day of shippment! to ease cost for yourself, you will be able to buy a 1-3 or 6 month supply. the cost will be on per every

10 deer. to do 10 deer for 1 mo. $60.00, 3mo. $150.00 and 6mo. $280.00. I will pay all shipping cost. As always I wish for great health for your family and animals! thanks larry
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Old Feb 25th 2012, 02:11 PM   #22
  Feb 2010
  Sardinia, Ohio
Larry congratulations on this exciting news. I am very glad you are making your product available to each and every deer farmer out there. As we have discussed, the deer deserve this product. It has done some remarkable things. Congratulations Larry
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Old Feb 25th 2012, 06:39 PM   #23
  May 2010
Originally Posted by majestic whitetails
larry congratulations on this exciting news. I am very glad you are making your product available to each and every deer farmer out there. As we have discussed, the deer deserve this product. It has done some remarkable things. Congratulations larry

is this a probotic ??????
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Old Feb 26th 2012, 09:44 AM   #24
  Dec 2011
  Mercersburg, PA
Yes, it does contain a probolic. has everything to protect and maintain the animal from hoof to antler and everything in between.
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Old Mar 9th 2012, 07:07 AM   #25
  Dec 2011
  Mercersburg, PA
After talking to a few of the suppliers of the ingredients that is munufactured for this product, they are concerned about producing a large amount, in a short time if needed, some said it could take 3-4 wks for shipment. They can only produce so much in a certain time frame. To insure that this product is of the highest quality and in it's purest form I do not want to order large quanities and have them setting around for a long period of time, possibly degrading the strength. I am trying to get an idea of who might be interested in this product and what quantity. Please e-mail me at if interested please include your e-mail or ph.# and shipping address. I will notifiy you (before I post on line) when it will be on the market. I would like to add that since I started this venture I have met truly deerfarmers form around the US!! thanks larry
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Old Mar 10th 2012, 03:59 PM   #26
  Oct 2011
  Smethport, PA
larry you mention that the product will be made question is what is the shelf life of this product? if we were to purchase a 6 month supply do we receive all 6 months at once or 6 - 1 month shipments?
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Old Mar 10th 2012, 05:44 PM   #27
  Oct 2011
  Smethport, PA

thanks for the phone call...look forward to meeting you next month!
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Old Mar 11th 2012, 05:25 AM   #28
 Four Seasons Whitetails's Avatar
  Oct 2009
  upstate ny

Cervid: Whitetail Deer
Larry you were 100% on the money with this product. After this 3yr old has been getting your product he is back to looking great and he now does not just lay around watching the other deer run around, he is right there with the fawns bucking and jumping like a kid. Thanks for your help with my feed change. I will say if anyone is thinking on using a health additive for their deer should call larry.
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Old Mar 11th 2012, 04:34 PM   #29
  Jul 2009
Larry it sounds like you have a great product. I do know that probiotics alone will not cure everything. It kind of sounds like your product is a cure all. There are already some great probiotics out there that have been proven for years. What makes yours different and can you post an ingredients label.

Thanks for the info.
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Old Mar 12th 2012, 06:39 AM   #30
  Dec 2011
  Mercersburg, PA
I agree 100% there are some great probiolics out there, personally I use c&e

fawn paste for the first 3 wks before I switch to mine. This product is only about 10% probiotic, the others are the fast reproduction of red and white

blood cells and cells that destroy invaders into the blood system (virus, toxins, etc.) this is possibly the reason the one's that posted on here about

are not having pnemonia issues this year and why the fawn of Dustin's in Tx.

lived,because of the poison being removed and the rapid white cells taking

care of any infection? other parts of this is the combination of certain plants,when certain plants based on their cell matter are combined they create a 3rd and that is the only way to get the 3rd. It's like the colors white and black alone thats all they are, but combine them and you get grey, thats the only way to get it. as far as the ingredient label on this product it will be labeled as oat meal, dried whey, vitamin B1, B6, B12, A, E, D3, P, T, sellenium yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, brewers dried yeast, bacillus lichenformis, bacillus subtills, bacillus pumilus, enterococcus faecium, wheat germ, 9 amino acids, canola mannose, echinacea, ornithire, tryptophan,threonine, plant by products

I hope I answered your question? I am going to put it to a real big test now,

on sunday 1 of my boys decided to remove his peds using the fence the final result was removing them still attached to his skull cap. with temps now close

70 and insects out this going to be test on how fast this can heal and rejuvinat that part of the skull. thanks larry
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