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Old Dec 16th 2013, 05:41 AM   #1
  May 2011
  Evansville, Indiana

What do you think is the best way? I have a few to do when we test next month and I cant decide how to do it
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Old Dec 16th 2013, 06:17 AM   #2
  Apr 2009
  Fort Wayne, Ind

Cervid: Deer Farmer

we put stone around feeders it keeps them trimmed
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Old Dec 16th 2013, 07:10 AM   #3
 allenb's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Burlington, West Virginia

Cervid: Small Deer Farmer

Craftsman sells a tool called Accu-Cut* or Handi-Cut. I tried the Goat trimmers , but they wouldn't work. Had these in my tool box from a few Christmas's ago and they work great.
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Old Dec 16th 2013, 11:31 AM   #4
  May 2011
  Evansville, Indiana

We usually try to keep some rock by the water but it didnt do as good this time.*I had used tin snips when i didnt have anything else, but*I think there has to be an easier way
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Old Dec 16th 2013, 07:17 PM   #5
 Deer Whisperer's Avatar
  May 2009
  St. Ignace, Northern Michigan

Cervid: deer breeder

Horse hoof trimmers will work but are cumbersome. I just trimmed*in October* with a good tree branch trimmer and it worked great.Just cut 1/8 of a inch at a time because you will hit the blood line if you cut back to far.I always have blood stop powder in case they start to bleed. Trimmers for llamas also work good.
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Old Dec 17th 2013, 12:32 PM   #6
  Jul 2010

We also have rock around our feeders, but we have one older doe that needs her hoof trimmed every year, its just one hoof and*it*looks like an elf foot. We use a tree trimmer clipper to prune.
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Old Dec 17th 2013, 01:01 PM   #7
 jerrilee cave's Avatar
  Feb 2013
  Markleville IN
I have a trimmer that looks like horse nippers but the size of pliers. They work real well.
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Old Dec 17th 2013, 02:05 PM   #8
 Jack's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Vaughn, MT 59487

Cervid: mule deer,whitetail,elk,goats,bighorn & stone sheep & Alaskan dahl sheep

I use a sheep hoof cutter that is serrated for my sheep and deer.* Works great on the ones that need it.* We always trim feet on animals sedated for AI.* Other than that we use crushed rock at the feeders.
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Old Dec 17th 2013, 07:18 PM   #9
 Deer Whisperer's Avatar
  May 2009
  St. Ignace, Northern Michigan

Cervid: deer breeder

Here is a doe I purchased as a fawn with no info on background. I was constantly trimming to keep her as normal about 10 years ago as *we had a whitetail live exhibit so the public commented on any flaws our deer had. This picture was after a deep snow all winter and we never notice her hooves, She was trimmed in the fall during our TB test so this was 5 months of growth

and she had spent every summer on a all gravel pen with not even a blade of grass in it. We euthanized her at age 2 and her two fawns that spring to end this abnormal trait which we have never seen* before in our 26 years of raising whitetails. Our vet could not pin point if she was lacking anything as all the other* deer in her pen had normal deer hooves. After trimming back only a inch we were into a blood vein. We used blood stop powder but found that cob-webs worked the best. That secret was from my wife as she has a dark spot on her finger from getting her finger in her dads table saw pully as a small child. The doctor made a house and told her dad to go in the basement a bring back some cob webs. They are very visible just under the the skin. I used it on a fawn I hit with a dart and it imbeded about about 3/4 inch and hit a blood vein. It lost so much blood before I packed it with cobwebs I figured by morning I would be digging a hole*but to my surprize it was out running with the other fawns .I guess that is why I wrote*the book on raising deer.*** Deer Whisperer

************************************************** ************************************************** *******
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Old Dec 18th 2013, 10:14 AM   #10
 Padencreek's Avatar
  May 2011
  Linesville, PA

*** *


"Shear Magic" Hoof Trimmer from*

Works great.
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Old Nov 2nd 2021, 10:00 AM   #11
  Sep 2021
I can agree, "Shear Magic" Hoof Trimmer works great, like kitchen design
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