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Old Oct 15th 2012, 02:59 PM   #1
 Antlershed's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  cental Pennsylvania

Cervid: taxidermy
2 weeks ago in my breeder pen, a doe fawn started putting her head down and coughing intensly for about 30 seconds at a time when all the deer were coming up to eat, she did this often. I did nothing to her, she was acting normal and had no noticable nasal drippage, but I decided to get some safeguard and worm the whole pen, I wormed again with another full dose of safeguard 4 days later. The fawn stopped or at least showed less symptoms. But now over the past 4-5 days I have had multiple other fawns and even 4-5 different adults starting this, and the fawn the started it off, is showing even worse symptoms tonight, but still acts normal and has no nasal dripping. I just wormed again this weekend and with a different type of wormer, a goat dewormer.

I can't figure why they are doing this, it is only the breeder pen, no other pens are. There is a huge amount of acorns in this pen, are the acorns possibly playing a factor in the coughing??

The other thing that came to mind is that i bought a doe off a friend and put her in the pen i am having this problem with, about 3 weeks ago, and he was having some coughing issues at his farm, no fatalities, but just alot of coughing he could not get rid of it. Maybe this doe brought a sickness is that is highly contagious?? The doe i got from him has not coughed yet since she got here.

I take pride in a healthy herd and this whole thing is starting to really upset me, I would like to see it stop, does anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you.
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Old Oct 15th 2012, 04:31 PM   #2
 400CLUB's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Columbus, IN

Cervid: Deer and Elk
Mix some aureomycin in the feed.
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Old Oct 15th 2012, 04:33 PM   #3
  May 2009
  Northwest Illinois
Antler Shed - Are you by chance feeding hay that is a bit ''dusty''?
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Old Oct 15th 2012, 05:04 PM   #4
  Feb 2011
  Millstadt, Illinois
How are the stools? Are they loose or watery? I'm having a similar problem in one pen but also with the diarrhea.
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Old Oct 15th 2012, 05:29 PM   #5
 Antlershed's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  cental Pennsylvania

Cervid: taxidermy
Ryan, Auromycin crumbles are added directly to my mix at the mill.

Mark, Yes! I never thought of it but the last few bales I fed were from the bottom of the pallet, even with my alfalfa bales being stacked on a pallet, my last row of 6 apperently picked up some moisture and were very dusty when i fed them, Will the deer get over the coughing on there own, or do you recommend antibiotics? I will not feed anymore dusty hay, those bales can go to the cattle.

AMW- Stools look great, very black, and very solid pellets, no concern on that end.
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Old Oct 15th 2012, 07:12 PM   #6
  May 2009
  Northwest Illinois
Matt - I'm not sure as to how important antibitics would be at this time.

I would ''guess''(key word here) and say as long as you quit feeding the ''dusty'' hay, they will quit coughing.

Maybe someone that is more in the know will confirm my ''guess'' or inform you of otherwise.

As always, hope the best for ya Matt!!
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Old Oct 18th 2012, 10:16 AM   #7
 wvdeerman's Avatar
  Apr 2009
  Rivesville, WV

Cervid: Deer Farming
I too have noticed some of my deer caughing at times, mostly the fawns. I have fed very little hay. There is no grass in my pens at this time due to the drought, but they have plenty of leaves and acorns. Their food consumption is down now, due to the natural food from the trees.

I have not been feeding aureomycin, but will start. But still don't know what is causing the issue. Anyone know?
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