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Gaylen C Jun 6th 2012 09:03 PM

Here is a connection that I'm pretty sure that not many have made. Here's a hint: Ace's mother was Redoy Jim/Ziegler doe.

Gaylen C Jun 7th 2012 09:03 PM

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Yellow #1258 is going to be one of those does that could go either typical or non-typical with her offspring. Her sire, Razor’s Edge (236@2) was bred to be typical. Instead he became a blood pumping non-typical. Edge’s sire College Fund was 207@2 typical and was sired by Reno. Summer was PA Geronimo on a Mammoth doe. On the dam side is Yellow3 82. 82’s sire was Atlas, probably one of the most typical sons of Auggie on top of a Mega doe, another typical bloodline. Yellow 82’s brother is 3 this year and is turning into a beautiful open framed mostly typical buck.

Yellow #1258 pedigree includes some framey producers like Reno, Auggie, and Uno. Typical bucks like Mammoth, Mega, and Andy (Amos’ half brother). The blood pumping ability from Pa Geronimo twice.

10837:New Picture (8).png]

Gaylen C Jun 8th 2012 09:04 PM

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Yellow 1260 & 1262 are very special doe fawns. They represent years of planning, and stacking the pedigree just right. Two of the most proven dams that I have on the farm are in key spots on the bottom. Andrea has never had a bad son all going over 200@3 and the same goes for Amy (Green 540). One is an Andy (Amos’ half brother) daughter the other is an Amos girl. Add in Ax-Man for an outcross, but maintain stability with Ace sister on top. Some big bucks are going to be produced with these girls.

Yellow 86 is the only offspring of #44. To date Yellow 86 has fawned twice, each time giving me twin doe fawns out of Ax-Man. So I have a couple that I will sell.

The dams in these girls are powerhouses. Without naming everyone I’ll just list a few: Andrea, Amy, Blue 24, Angela, Zoey, Xenia, Orange 40, W#3, Yellow 27. All proven.

10843:New Picture (9).png]

10844:New Picture (10).png]

Tom Gleason Jun 9th 2012 06:44 AM

I have a direct Ace doe and she is a producer also.

Gaylen C Jun 9th 2012 04:24 PM

Your right Tom those Ace girls do produce and produce well. I can think of a couple that I would love to have myself.

Antlershed Jun 10th 2012 07:22 AM

Gaylen, i was reading this post back right off the start of page one. I examined Axe man's pedigree and I wanted to comment. I see is outta Maxbo Extreme. My breeder buck is out of a Maxbo Extreme doe, also my best yearling to this point(an 8X5 so far) is out of a Maxbo extreme doe as well. I see you will have him mixed in your herd well. I would have to say from my expierence that Maxbo Extreme is an elite producer, and I have seen him do well for another few locals. My breeder bucks name is Runnin Wild, he scored around the 220" mark as a two year old, he has a brother on another local farm. His brothers name is Mojo, he scored 198" typical last year, not a single extra point. Both my buck and his brother Mojo are doing fanastic on their new growth, and i would say 300" is not out of the question for either of them this year. I would estimate my buck is around the 25" wide mark already, and his brother is not far under that. Good luck with everything this year, i hope your fawns grow fast and your bucks do great.

Gaylen C Jun 10th 2012 09:04 AM

Ax-Man was what I considered to be the perfect outcross buck for my farm. With all of the young line-bred does that I had coming up at the time, and the look that I what to maintain, the choice was easy for me.

I have one yearling son of Ax-Man on my farm this year and I think he looks really good. He is past is G-2's and has a paddle on the end wider than the palm of my hand.

When my wife and kids get back from vacation and bring our camera back I will get some fresh pictures up of Ax-Man and his yearling.

Gaylen C Jun 10th 2012 09:42 AM

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1264 is primed and ready for outcross. When line-breeding, my favorite cross is half-brother to half-sister, and that is what I have done here. When I made this cross my intentions were to put on inches fast yet keep a distinguishable mainframe appearance.

This girls pedigree has Reno 2X, Pa Geronimo 4X, Mammoth 2X. Three half siblings in Razor, Yellow 7, and Yellow 8.

This one will be for sale in the fall, as I have a full sister a year older that will be entering my breeding program.

10852:New Picture (11).png]

Gaylen C Jun 14th 2012 06:55 PM

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First picture was taken two weeks ago and the last was taken today

10979:DSC08104 - Copy.

10980:DSC08875 - Copy.

Gaylen C Jun 14th 2012 07:00 PM

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Ax-Man is getting it done. I am being told he has a really nice 2 year old on another farm. Here is a promising yearling that we have.

10981:DSC08829 - Copy.


VVV Whitetails Jun 15th 2012 03:20 AM

Gaylen The boys are looking very good.

Neeby Jun 15th 2012 08:02 AM

I second that!!! they are looking very nice!!!!!

Scott Neeb

In the heart of Pa Dutch Country

Gaylen C Jun 15th 2012 08:55 PM

Thanks Cory and Scott.

Gaylen C Jun 15th 2012 08:58 PM

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Here is a 3 year old that we have also. Not going to be the biggest in the pen but he has a pretty sharp look to him.

11001:DSC08868 - Copy.

11002:DSC08869 - Copy.

Gaylen C Jun 15th 2012 09:01 PM

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Another 3 year old.

11003:DSC08860 - Copy.

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