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TrueCountryWhitetails Mar 17th 2014 08:21 AM

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Nadefa is right around the corner....don't miss out on this incredible direct PA Geronimo doe AI'D to 500"+ Blackjack male sexed. She is backed up to Scorpion @ Gap Ridge and we saw no activity. Look closely at this girls pedigree, she screams production! Our deer can go anywhere, if your from a closed border state give us a call, we're more then happy to work with you on her.



True Country Whitetails


Note: white-81 is dam to Tombstone and a 240" yearling. Early production here. Bessie as the anchor doe who is one of the most proven doe in our industry. These buck fawns are going to be special.

TrueCountryWhitetails Mar 22nd 2014 05:03 AM

This girl is big and healthy. She was AI'D male sexed on Oct 26th. She is showing major signs of dropping early May. She's super calm and tame and screams production! Lot #4 today. Don't miss out on this girl, she will help anyone's farm! Just a pleasure of a deer to own. Good Luck!

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