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IndependenceRanch Aug 23rd 2015 02:18 PM

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I had another thread for my farm but it was named "farm page" which was silly, so now it will be called by the farm name.

I do still have the facebook page which can be found here,


I want to mention that I really don't post my farms activities or other posts to "drum up business" for the farm. I do it more these days to continue sharing info and just maintain a general friendship with people in the industry. As we all know the market is in the tank. But it doesn't mean those of us who truly enjoy the animals and the breeding can't continue to have fun. That is why I share not only pics and video from my farm but also media from the farms of friends and prior investors in my genetics.


I also want to announce that Independence Ranch will now not only be top quality whitetails, but also top quality elk as well.

I have a great deal to learn about elk, but look forward to it. I have wanted elk for many years but always had a crabby person telling me no. Now I don't have that problem :P :rolleyes:

I have committed to a spike bull and to two cow calves. I need to collect the info (pedigrees) associated with the animals and then I can share it with all of you. I have complete faith in the seller and the quality of their elk program. They began their program with stock from Dr Mike Bringans who had the very best herd in the world until he recently sold out. I am buying my stock from Dirk and Jane Stolz of Tamarack Deer and Elk Farms.

Over the years I have become very good friends with them. It all started when they purchased whitetails from me. They have grown some monster bucks out of those deer and I couldn't be prouder. I am glad to have a chance to buy from them in return.


My spike bull who is named "Dirk" (after the seller) is sired by "G426"

22361:G426 is Dirks sire

G426 shown above age 5 and scoring 540".

Shown below is Samuria the sire to G426. He was the world record holder at the time.

22359:G426 s sire .PNG]


As I get more info about the elk I will share it with you guys.


Thank you for looking!


redgolds Aug 23rd 2015 06:09 PM

Roger, thats awesome. Great bull elk for sure. Good luck with the trio. Pics coming soon I hope of the bull and calves?

Jack Aug 23rd 2015 07:08 PM


I also feel Dirk is a stand up guy and I'm glad you have elk from him.* Dirk buys PMSG from me and we have done some trading on elk.* *In Montana only the guys who loved the animals and had fun with them are still in business.* Elk are the easiest animals to work with and I can say in the 35 years I have had elk I have only lost two.* One to EHD and one*from it running *into the fence.* I have had as many as 600 elk and most of those years I had 200 head.* Point I'm trying to make is they are very healthy, calm and friendly animals.* Good luck with the elk.

IndependenceRanch Sep 8th 2015 01:52 PM

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Just going to throw this out there in case someone might like a breeder buck for this year. Other growers who have seen him in person say he will break 300" but I don't claim to know what he scores. My weakness has always been scoring on the hoof. If you have an interest in more info let me know via email please. I am gone working and can't always take calls. Also he is scheduled to ship as a stocker buck after I get home the 17th so if you have an interest we need to work things out quickly.

Thanks for looking!


IndependenceRanch Sep 10th 2015 03:01 PM

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This little fellow joined the farm a couple days ago. Yes he is super late born. One of last years for fawns got bred late and wallah we have this fellow. I predict good things from him provided he lives through the coming winter.


IndependenceRanch Sep 20th 2015 09:31 AM

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Just looking over the pedigrees of some does I had delivered to my farm today, and thinking about all the production that goes along with them. I am so pumped to be getting these 3 does!

My greatest regret in the deer business was selling Updraft and his mother IR Dolly.

Very happy to have gotten back an Updraft daughter (MN Rose) to the herd today.

Also got back Whiskers, who is a daughter out of Shredder (brother to Shadowman) and Whiskers is out of Shelby. Shelby's womb brother scored over 300"@2 on my farm. Shelby is an Updraft daughter from a Max Thrust doe that goes back to one of my incredible Avalanche does.

And I also got another Max Thrust daughter (Pixie) that has GB Magic, BH Spirit, Legend/Peach on the maternal side. Pixie's mom is line bred PA Geronimo. Pixie's womb brother was a monster 2 year old himself.

Thank you to Adam Rowland at Bluff Country Whitetails for allowing me to get these incredible does back into my program!

22638:image. Whiskers shown as if I would breed her to Ruben 22639:image22640:image.

IndependenceRanch Sep 28th 2015 07:37 AM

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Just thought I would share some pics taken the past week.

This little fellow was recently born. Last year's doe fawn who was left with a breeder buck way too long is the mother. The fawn is a son of Ruben and the mom is Casey. Casey is a Dream Ranger, Hardcore, Tonto Bonds, on Hardcore's full sister.


These two fellows checking each other out at the fence. On the left is Ruben. On the right is a buck that is for sale. Est to score 300"



IndependenceRanch Sep 30th 2015 07:22 AM

Thank you to everyone for all the positive responses to this post via messages, emails and through the facebook page. Glad so many like the pics of the two boys next to the fence.

Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable fall. It has been really beautiful so far in northern WI.

IndependenceRanch Oct 15th 2015 05:27 AM

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This amazing yearling buck is owned by Double H Whitetails. The sire is Sudden Impact on a doe I sold them. His maternal grandma is the full sister to Updraft and Downdraft. Draw that out on paper once! And all the powerful production that has come out of this line. Wow!

Blackwater at 1 gross score of 258" and a 6x7 main frame of 201"


G O Whitetails Oct 16th 2015 04:45 PM

Nice deer, I like him.

Bluff Country Whitetails Oct 17th 2015 03:40 AM

Black water is one of the biggest/prettiest yearlings I have seen! Wow!

jerrilee cave Oct 17th 2015 09:16 AM

Great buck Rodger!!!!

IndependenceRanch Nov 3rd 2015 10:09 AM

This comes after MUCH consideration. This morning I had a good visit with my good friend and fellow deer grower Rod. After Rod left I did some thinking. Not in a rash way either. I feel good about my plan. Here it is.

Next fall is TB testing. Then 3 years later again.

I will breed my does this fall as planned. Even doing AI.

Starting right NOW, I will sell any and all does that I can between now and Oct of next year.

I will not breed any females next year. The fawns born next spring will be the last fawns born on my farm.

Then any and all bucks regardless of age are for sale until they are all gone.

The latest would be fall of 2019 when spring of 2016 fawns turn 3 years old.

However, if all the bucks can sell before 2019 they are gone. But fall of 2019 is the cutoff date.

The absolute ONLY thing I enjoy is seeing what my breeding choices produce. There is no money in it nor enjoyment beyond that.

Just letting folks know my decision.

As most of you know, I have amazing stock and consistently produce big beautiful bucks. As I say it is all for sale, however don't call or email fishing for a steal of a deal. I intend to sell at fair prices to be me and the buyer. If worse comes to worse I do love the sausage that my friend Tim makes. I have little doubt some will be going that route, but so be it. I also will have semen left after this breeding season. Details on that to come later.

Simonson Nov 3rd 2015 12:00 PM

Roger, sorry to see that you have decided to quit in a few years. *I do know one thing tho and that is at least you have a plan! *Most of us deer farmers have one plan and if it doesn't happen this year try again next year! *Give it hell the next couple years and who knows maybe the industry will change and you might change your mind as well! *Take care, JIM SIMONSON

IndependenceRanch Nov 3rd 2015 04:07 PM

Thanks Jim. Your a good dude and quality deer grower.

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