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Mattw Jun 15th 2018 06:11 AM

Family is asking. Can we raise deer
Starting new with a 10 acre tract. Wanna begin with just a hobby like a showcase. See if we can be successful at this. Is that big of a pen ok to start with. Will have a pond for water source and plan on planting trees grass(what type is a good question?)and a good shelter for emidiate shade. Does this sound like a start? Oh and I'm in north east texas not exactly mild weather!

R&J Whitetails Jun 17th 2018 05:27 PM

That is big enough. 6-8 deer per acre. I’d drain the slough if u can. That’s just a good spot for them to poop and pee in and then drink it and get sick. Plant alfalfa grass mix if you want. Let it grow before you put them in or they will just beat it up.

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